23 Small Business Ideas in Arizona With Low Investment In 2022

Arizona has experienced an increased economic growth in the past few years and this growing trend has become a stable and motivating factor for many upcoming entrepreneurs. Not only the business opportunities but the population of Arizona has also seen an upsurge, creating enough market space for small business and individual business owners making people to look for small business ideas in Arizona.

So far, Arizona has proven to be one of the best places in the United States to capture the business- driven market. According to recent findings, Arizona is the 7th best country to start a business. Another dynamically interesting factor promoting this belief is the tax rates in Arizona. The tax rates have over the years remained considerably low and somewhat manageable to encourage small businesses to open and flourish.

With almost half the world’s population gaining technological access, the state of Arizona is ready to open its arms wider than ever for newer opportunities and an encouraging space for upcoming small businesses and startups.

If you have been wanting to start your own business, Arizona could be the ideal solution for all your problems. We have created a list of 23 small business ideas in Arizona to help you find what you exactly want to do…

23 Best Business Ideas in Arizona

Here are some of the best business ideas in Arizona with low investment that you can use:

1. Delivery Services

With more businesses venturing their way to Arizona, you can offer pick and drop services for them. This business can be done part- time or you can also hire a few people and pay them as you earn.

2. Air Conditioner- Installation and Repair

One of the small business ideas in Arizona is to start an air conditioner business. The desert of Arizona is a great place to find work for Air Conditioner repair and installation.

3. Wedding Planner

Looking for best business ideas in Arizona? Weddings are the answer! As wedding never go out of fashion or depend on a season, you can become a wedding planner and hire help as your business grows.

4. Digital Printing

New business ideas in Arizona are all centred around technology and this one is too. Start digital printing for other corporate businesses.

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5. E-commerce Website

Home based business ideas in Arizona are the ones that require least amount of capital and can be performed at home. Creating an e-commerce website with any service you like is one of them.

6. Graphic Designer

Another one of the interesting home based business ideas in Arizona is to become a graphic designer. You only need to do some courses and they will equip you right up!

7. Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn maintenance services are some of the small business ideas in Arizona that can change them numbers in your bank account and make you rich, if done systematically.

8. Cleaning Services

Cleaning services may sound like an old option but imagine the things you can do with technology to make it one of the most promising new business ideas in Arizona.

9. Car Wash Services

With increased population in Arizona, the number of cars has increased too. Thus, making car washing an intelligent choice amongst other small business ideas in Arizona.

10. Auto Repair Services

Business ideas in Arizona with low investment can be tricky based on your capabilities. But if you have been repairing your cars with your dad, why not do it for money now?

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11. Catering Services

You can also try providing catering services at different events such as birthday parties, wedding receptions, baby shower and more.

12. Day Care Services

An extremely cost efficient and purely home based business ideas in Arizona is day care services. You can segregate a room in your house and create that into day care services.

13. Bike Rental Services

You can buy a few bikes and give them for rent to new people moving in the state or to tourists who visit for a few days. This can be one of the best business ideas in Arizona, considering its growing population.

14. CBD Oil Business

As CBD is legal in the state of Arizona, you can supply it people as an over- the- counter product. Helping people suffering from pain issues can be extremely rewarding apart from it generating money.

15. Start a Podcast

Another type of new business ideas in Arizona is to start a podcast. All you need is a podcast account and a great mic. Decide some issues you would like to talk about and off you go!!

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16. Packing and Moving Services

New people coming in the states means new opportunities to start on of the simplest business ideas in Arizona with low investment.

17. Gardening Services

Take your hobby to the next level, start providing gardening services to people who find maintaining their garden difficult due to their busy schedule.

18. Consultation Services

Any field that your good at? This is the idea that works for anybody and everybody. You could just select the field you want and start consulting.

19. Reselling Products on eBay

Look around your house and start selling the things you don’t require. You don’t need to minimize but once you get a hang of it, you can do the same for others and earn money without doing almost nothing.

20. Virtual Assistant

Another quick option is to become a virtual assistant form the comfort of your own home.  There are numerous variations to becoming a virtual assistant and you can choose whichever you like, such as data entry, research, problem solving and more.

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21. Online Coaching

The days of technology are helping us develop new and different kinds of jobs. One such is online coaching.

22. Professional Photography

Arizona is a beautiful state and you can help people explore it through your photographs. Optionally you can also become a professional wedding photographer.

23. Tech Repair Services

Equipment always require repairs and maintenance and you can be the person who does it. Fixing phones, laptops and computers is a great profession for people who understand machines.


These were some of the best small business ideas in Arizona. We have added a lot of new business ideas in Arizona to start with. I hope you found these ideas helpful. Do you have any other business idea that one can start in Arizona? Mention it in the comments down below.

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