13 Best Small Business Ideas In Alaska With Low Investment In 2022

Anyone who keeps a tab on the internet ranking of the 50 states, would tell you there are plenty of ways to defining them on the quality of life, economic status, legal environment and business climate. The 49th state, Alaska, is one of the best places to live/ locate and do business. It is full of mystical beauty with national parks that range larger than some of the countries, its huge snow-capped mountains and the fjords covered with glaciers giving business owners ample opportunity to flourish. Let us look at some of the best small business ideas in Alaska.

13 Tantalizing Small Business Ideas in Alaska

1. Start an E-Commerce Website

Small business ideas in Alaska can start with the basic idea of wanting to work at home with minimal costs. If this sounds like you, starting an e-commerce website could be a viable option.

2. Open a Restaurant

One of the best business ideas in Alaska can be to open a restaurant. This idea can present a great scope for people in Alaska as it has one of the largest populations in USA, giving you enough possibility of an ever-growing footfall.

3. Car- Wash Business

Increased population of Alaska also makes for one of the best business ideas in Alaska. With increased population you can see a growth in the vehicle consumption giving you enough to turn your business into profit.

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4. Barbershop

Another one of the small business ideas in Alaska is opening a barber shop. You can hire help and pay them through the profits you earn.

5. Tutoring

This is by far the greatest business ideas with low investment in Alaska. All you need is good subject knowledge in any subject and you are good to go.

6. Shipping Business

As Alaska is located on the coast, shipping business such as ship building and repair could an opportunity to a successful business.

7. Bakery

Baking cakes is a talent many people fail to recognise as a business choice. If you love baking, this could be one of the best small business ideas in Alaska.

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8. Travel Agent

The mesmerising beauty of Alaska is lucrative for tourists and creating travel plans for them could be your end game.

9. Tour Guide

If travel agent isn’t your thing, you could also become a travel guide and show your beautiful state all tourists. It is one of the best business ideas in Alaska.

10. Fishing Business

Alaska’s coastal location makes the fishing business makes one of the promising business ideas with low investment in Alaska.

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11. Frozen Seafood Business

If shipping or fishing is not something that interests you can procure fish and other seafood from someone else and sell frozen seafood to restaurants.

12. Professional Photography

Another one of the luring and best business ideas in Alaska is professional photography. All you need is a good camera and some photography tricks that you can learn from the internet.

13. Grocery Store

You can also wrap your head around the idea of opening a grocery store. You could be surprised how profiting this business can be.

So, which one will you choose?

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These were some of the best business ideas with low investment in Alaska that you can start. You can choose any one of these ideas to start a business according to your interest. I hope you found these ideas helpful. Do you have any other business idea in mind? Mention it in the comments.

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