23 Small Business Ideas in Arkansas with Low Investment In 2023

Looking for small business ideas in Arkansas? Why is Arkansas so popular for start new businesses? Is it because you can find plenty new business ideas in Arkansas? Or something else? 

Arkansas is the only state in United States that produces diamonds and it is also known for its rivers, serene lakes and hot springs. But that is not all what Arkansas has to offer, it is a state that is known for its infrastructure and transportation. It has the overall business environment that is aided by the range of incentives and funding programs to lure people into finding the best business ideas in Arkansas.

Let us explore some of these:

23 Enticing Small Business Ideas in Arkansas

There are many business opportunities in Arkansas that an entrepreneur can look forward too, some of them are:

1. Pharmacy Store

Pharmacy Store is one of the small business ideas in Arkansas that can yield promising results. To ensure its profitability you will be requiring a license and starting small is advised. Start small and gradually expand is the key to inevitable success for this business.

2. Poultry Farm

Poultry farming is one of the best business ideas in Arkansas. The state produces and ships all sorts of poultry products to other US states and has a lot of room and profit to offer.

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3. Billboard Business

This is one of those business ideas in Arkansas with low investment that require the knack of finding good locations to erect a billboard structure than money. If you have got it, then this business is ideal for you.

Digital Marketing Business

One of the promising home based business ideas in Arkansas is a digital marketing business. For this stands for one of the upcoming and new business ideas in Arkansas that you can give a try.

5. Restaurant Business

People across US love to eat and opening a restaurant speaks nothing but profitability and growth. You can start small from your own home or a van and gradually expand.

6. Gift Shop

Arkansas is a state with tourism and gifting, thus opening a gift shop that provides customizable gifts can alluring.

7. Electronic Shop

Another one of the new business ideas in Arkansas is opening an electronic shop. With millennials going frenzy about latest gadgets, you will practically never be out of business.

8. Bakery

Small business ideas in Arkansas can be as small as turning your hobby of baking into a profession. Start by baking cakes for your friends and family and ask them to spread the word, and before you know it, you will be flooded with orders.

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9. Event Management

You can also venture into event management by hiring a few people and contacting people to curate an everlasting memory of their special event for them.

10. Catering 

Just like event management, catering could also be one of the best business ideas in Arkansas as, every event requires delicious meals served at them. Thus, could be a business that never experiences any recession.

11. Smart Phone Repair Services

With the number of smart phones growing, their quality has been drastically affected and this is the perfect opportunity to seize amongst the bucket of new business ideas in Arkansas.

12. Cab Service

If you have a car, providing cab services can be one of the business ideas in Arkansas with low investment that you have been looking for. 

13. Salon

Opening a salon is one of best business ideas in Arkansas, as it will never go out of fashion, season or requirement. The people got to look their best!

14. Car Wash Business

The population of Arkansas is 3,033,946 and thus, the state has an ever-growing vehicle population as well, thus opening a car wash business can be a great pick amongst all small business ideas in Arkansas.

15. Fishing Business

As Arkansas has 600,00 acres of lakes, it will be surprising to ignore this one. You can start fishing on your own and sell the for profit, making fishing business one of the best small business ideas in Arkansas.

16. Tutoring Services

Use your knowledge of any subject and start teaching them to school students or university graduates. You can start this small business right from home, making it a perfect choice from the other home based business ideas in Arkansas.

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17. Home Nursing Services

Many old people require help and their children due to prior work engagements can’t take care of them. You can grasp this opportunity to not only help but also earn some cash with this one of the best business ideas in Arkansas.

18. E-Commerce Business

One of the home based business ideas in Arkansas can look like running an e-commerce business. Just select your niche and get to work. 

19. Photography Business

It may sound amusing because many people click photographs from their phones, but there is nothing that beats a good professional photo. You can start by using discounted rates and as your clientele improves, the price of one single photo could be in thousands if not millions of dollars. You can also think about clicking wedding photographs.

20. Tour Guide

As the attractive lakes and river bodies of Arkansas lures tourists into your home state, take this opportunity to carve your path towards entrepreneurship by becoming a tour guide. When you procure enough money, you can hire people do it for you.

21. Graphic Designing Services

Another sit at home and earn money work, get trained in graphic designing and contact corporate offices with your services. You can even work as a freelancer, depending on your will.

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22. Construction Business

Arkansas has a growing economy with expertise in infrastructure, use this knowledge to construct structures for people.

23. Lawn Maintenance and Gardening Services

Something you did for pocket money as a child, take it to the next level and create artistic lawns and gardens for your customers. Learn about horticulture and use your knowledge to create blissful backyards for customers, based on their needs.


These were some of the best business ideas to start in Arkansas. You can choose any one of these ideas according to your choice. I hope you found these ideas helpful. Do you have any other business idea to start in Arkansas? Mention it in the comments.

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