Tips on Marketing your Construction Business

Most businesses do require marketing to grow. But when it comes to the construction industry, once you take off, big projects will keep coming. To a certain level, of course. Just like any other business, yours will face some dry times every now and then.

The problem is that most construction business owners think about everything else but the marketing aspect. As you end up facing trouble getting jobs, marketing suddenly becomes one of the most important things in the process. Here are a few helpful tips to get back on track.

Get professional help

There are certain things you can do yourself if you run a small local business – such as tiling or roofing. You can post nice pictures of your projects on social media or sign up for online directories. But if you run a bigger business or you deal with commercial applications, you need a professional.

Such things do cost – not a fortune, but enough. To a lot of small business owners, construction business financing might be the best choice when not sure what to do next. A successful SEO package could be the ideal solution to end up making profits again.

Make sure your phone number is everywhere

Unsurprisingly, many business owners fail to ensure their phone numbers are visible. Construction is one of those industries where phone calls can make the difference. Whether someone looks for a quote or there is an emergency, no one will get in touch if finding your number is too difficult.

No one wants to go search for your address, potential social media profiles or random directories to find your phone number. They will simply give up. It makes no difference if you hand out flyers, advertise on a billboard or use online ads.

Use online search engine ads

To a lot of people, buying ads to show up high in search results is a thing of the past. Most people know that search engines display ads first, so they would rather scroll down and find an authentic business showing up on top of the competition, rather than businesses that pay to get there.

The construction industry is different though. When someone needs an electrician or a roofing specialist and you show up on top, you do not pay for someone visiting your website. You do not pay for clicks. Instead, those people will most likely give you a ring, so you actually pay for leads.

Visit your clients in person

There are jobs that require a phone call for a quote, as well as jobs that require seeing the project in person. In today’s age of technology, more and more contractors ask for pictures to be able to provide quotes – convenient, but not a very personal experience.

While both contractors and potential customers appreciate quick communication, a personal experience is likely to go even further. Plan a visit and do it soon – if you can come over for a quote in two weeks, chances are people will find someone else.

Instead, come over the next day and socialize as well – you will be more successful then.

Videos make the difference

More and more people prefer watching videos over seeing pictures. The trend keeps going up. It is one thing to see before and after pictures and a different thing to see a time lapse of a successful project – obviously, everything has to be made with quality in mind.

At the same time, videos will give your brand a bit of personality. You can get in front of the camera or you can promote a good company culture. You want to appear reasonable and approachable. Throw in some stunning pictures of your best projects and your potential customers will be amazed. 

Focus on reviews and testimonials

This is not necessarily about replying to all reviews on directories and search engines. It is not all about interacting with customers. Sure, such things help, but not everyone is looking. Instead, make sure these reviews are included on your website or marketing campaigns too.

You need to allow happy customers to speak for your business. Apart from gaining positive reviews, you need to include such testimonials on your website too. Ensure your reviews are well managed and encourage happy customers to leave reviews too.

Whether you have quality videos of your reviews or you show them off in a picture, it will make a difference. Indeed, people are a bit anxious about reviews mentioned on official websites – they can be edited. But as long as they can be checked on review websites, there is nothing to be worried about.

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Marketing is often overlooked among construction business owners. Sure, such projects are usually profitable and the word spreads. But on the same note, marketing is needed to maintain your reputation, stay in business or perhaps gain more business and expand.

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