Coca Cola Net Worth | 2012-2021


Coca cola is the largest beverage company that operates worldwide, and coke is the most loved carbonated soft drink manufactured by the company. The purpose of the company is to refresh the world and make a difference, and it has sold its products in more than 200 countries and territories. The company aims to positively impact people’s lives and the planet through water replenishment, carbon emissions reductions across the value chain, packaging recycling, and sustainable sourcing practices which results in increase of Coca Cola net worth.  

Coca-Cola’s net worth is high as it satiates the customers by manufacturing the coke that tastes good, and it contains caffeine and sugar that has always provided the consumers with energy. Coca cola has developed its taste after several years of testing and critical reviewing by thousands of experts. One can know how much is Coca Cola worth by enquiring about its customer base worldwide. 

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coca cola founder

Doctor John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia invented Coca-Cola in May 1886. Pemberton started by developing the syrup for the famed beverage which was loved by local Jacob’s Pharmacy after sampling, and it was first sold to the public in Atlanta on May 8, 1886.

Pemberton’s bookkeeper Frank Robinson suggested the name Coco-Col. Initially, they came up with the name Coco Kola which was changed to Coca-Cola later as Pemberton knew that using two Cs in the name would look striking in advertising. The company couldn’t make a huge success in the first years of the business as it cost them over $ 70 in expenses to create a drink which resulted in a loss. 

Atlanta pharmacist and businessman, Asa Candler, bought the formula for Coca-Cola from Pemberton for $2,30o in 1887, and later Coca-Cola became America’s most popular fountain drink by the late 1890s. Candler did the unique marketing of the product, increasing the syrup sales by over 4,000 percent between 1890 and 1900 and it solely led to an increase in Coca Cola net worth. Now let’s move forward towards how much is Coca Cola worth.

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Net Worth

coca cola net worth

For all those wondering how much is Coca Cola worth, Coca-Cola has an estimated net worth of approximately $87.6 billion USD, and it falls under the top 100 brands. The drink was created accidentally, and over years it became the highest-selling soft drink all across the globe. Coke’s net worth increased after they expanded their business by acquiring different brands. Coca-Cola hit a peak in terms of the financial figure in the year 2012. Now let’s see how much is Coca Cola worth from 2012-2021.

12021$87.6 Billion USD
2202084.02 Billion USD
32019$80.83 Billion USD
4201879.96 Billion USD
5201778.14 Billion USD
6201680.13 Billion USD
7201583.84 Billion USD
82014 80.69 Billion USD
9201378.42 Billion USD
10201274.29 Billion USD


coca cola growth

The company saw significant growth in the year 2019 as it continued to grow its portfolio, leading to the largest value share gains in a decade. It continued to scale unique offerings such as Coca-Cola Plus Coffee which is now available in more than 40 markets, leading to a 6% growth in retail value globally. Coca-Cola could achieve another year of double-height volume growth by expanding its footprint and capabilities through strategic acquisitions of brands.  Coke’s net worth kept increasing as it continued to make progress towards a world with waste by making packaging its ongoing focus. Its success over years can tell its consumers how much is Coca-Cola’s net worth.

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This was the detailed article on coke net worth. Coca-Cola is best known for its trademark product ‘Coca-Cola’ soda or soft drink and its product and services have made it a famous American multinational beverage corporation. Coke net worth has changed time to time. Advertising of Coca-Cola through different media made it more famous in the 1970s, and the brand in the global market eventually leading to an increase in Coca Cola net worth. 

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