Sony Net Worth | 2012-2021


Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation with its headquarters based in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the world’s most famous technology companies and is the largest manufacturer of professional and consumer electronic products. The company has been thriving in the market for almost more than 60 years and has a network of wide sales registered in 200 countries. The innovations in developing, manufacturing, and selling electronic equipment and devices, game consoles, and software decide what is Sony’s net worth for all those wondering how much is Sony worth.

The company is also involved in producing and distributing motion pictures, television products, recorded music, home entertainment. The company’s products are largely marketed in the United States, Europe, and Japan. Further in this article, we will discuss how much is Sony worth.

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akio morita

Sony was founded in Japan and is one of the most widely known electronics companies in the world. After the world was two, the company was founded in 1946 in Tokyo. Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita named it Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corp. Sony started with a capital of less than ¥200,000 and had eight employees in the beginning. Ibuka was joined by Akio Morita to establish a company called Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo on 7 May 1946. Sony is an electronics shop and is also known as a multinational conglomerate.

Initially, Sony was located in Tokyo in a department store building, and type-G is Japan’s first tape recorder built by this company. Tsushin Kogyo was renamed Sony 12 years after the release of this product, in 1958. Sony’s net worth was high as the company’s products were well known for exemplary style and quality, which further increased the popularity of the brand. They released the TR-55 transistor radio in 1955 making teenagers crave to buy Sony products. You can assume how much is Sony worth as its innovations revolutionized the way people heard music. Increase in popularity and Sony corporation net worth, the company was charging above-market prices for its electronic products and stopped lowering the prices.

In 1979, Sony started a life insurance company, but its sales dropped in the early 1980s due to the global recession which forced the company to cut prices leading to a decrease in profit. Despite the struggles, the company experienced successes increasing Sony corporation net worth and popularity in the market. 

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Sony Corporation Net Worth

sony corporation net worth

Sony corporation net worth is estimated at up to $ $90 billion in 2021 with a net income of US$10.77 billion. Sony’s net worth has kept on increasing over the years as the company keeps innovating its products despite the ups and downs. The company has introduced Robotics and Artificial intelligence into the processing and final goods, which made it one of the top 10 companies when it comes to electronics.

You can assume what is Sony’s net worth by knowing how the company has reached the market capitalization of $129 billion by August 24, 2021. Most of Sony’s net worth has come from items like semiconductors, imaging items, PCs, TVs, workstations, walkmans, computerized cameras, gaming consoles, and many others. If you are thinking of how much money is Sony worth, then it is evident that the net worth reached $136.02B as of September 30, 2021 How much is Sony’s net worth can be represented by the current stock price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding. Sony corporation net worth was $77.991B with an increase of 1.42% from 2018. But, the company experienced a decline of 2.56 % from 2019 allowing the company to make annual revenue of $75.991B in 2020. 

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Net Worth Of Sony | 2012-2021

YearNet Worth
2021127.97 Billion USD
202084.04 Billion USD
201962.33 Billion USD
201861.55 Billion USD
201735.38 Billion USD
201631.18 Billion USD
201522.91 Billion USD
201417.64 Billion USD
201311.26 Billion USD
201217.50 Billion USD


The company’s generic competitive strategies can tell us about what is Sony’s net worth as their growth strategies have helped them gain competitive advantage and profitability in gaming, entertainment, financial services markets, and electronics. Sony has used one of its best and intensive growth strategies to grow the business by increasing sales in markets. How much is Sony’s net worth can be understood by knowing how the company has grown its business by intensifying its marketing campaigns to sell its products.

The main objective of their growth strategy is to attract more customers and attain a larger share of the market. Product development, market development, and diversification are the key strategies used by Sony to expand the company. 


how much is sony worth

Sony corporation’s net worth is high as it is a leading manufacturer of technology products, gaming consoles, electronics, videos for professional markets, and communication which helped them become one of the most likable and richest companies in the world. You can know how much money is Sony worth by knowing the electronic products that the Sony group chiefly focuses on. One of the most famous Sony corporation products is Insurance sectors and Financial services including banking, AV/IT products, Games like PlayStation, and Entertainment like music and motion pictures. Sony is in the 20th position in the world when it comes to making semiconductors. 

Sony corporation’s net worth has increased over the years as the company considers its products as an essential element as defines the brand in the market. The company is known for providing quality products and services to its customers.

Various products manufactured by the company include:

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. Games- PlayStations.
  3. Semiconductors- CCD, LCD
  4. Televisions – Projection televisions, LCD televisions, LED televisions CRT-based televisions.
  5. Audio – portable, car and home, along with personalized navigation systems.
  6. Video – digital cameras, Video cameras DVD/Video recorders, and players.
  7. Motion pictures and Television and motion pictures
  8. Computers and Information–printers.

After manufacturing laptops, the company launched its first product in India on 24th October 2004. The various models of the laptop include:

  1. Vaio SZ
  2. Vaio Tokage
  3. Vaio CR
  4. Vaio NR
  5. Vaio SR
  6. Vaio TZ

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Fall And Rise 

Sony has an estimated net worth of $133.62B as of October 01, 2021. Initially, Sony was considered the apple of its day as it revolutionized the way people interacted with music. Analog cassette tapes were the must-have device of the decade which made people love Sony. Consumers would opt for Sony products despite rival companies churning out lower-cost knockoffs. But October 23, 2001is day marked the decline of Sony as the worldwide leader in technology. Sony was beaten by Apple to the most important technological advances this century.


Sony is the world’s most significant organization and it has a market cap of $129 Billion as of August 2021. The company could increase its net worth by innovating its wide scope of items, like gaming consoles, PCs, walkmans, computerized cameras, semiconductors, TVs, workstations, imaging items, and numerous others. And the popularity of products in the market

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