Top 3 Sub-prime Lenders in Canada

You probably have tried to obtain a mortgage via your bank, credit union, or just an A lender in the past. When thinking of a mortgage, you typically think of an “A” lender, such as your bank. The majority of “A” lenders have tough requirements known as lending criteria. 

Government policy and risk tolerance are frequently combined in the lending standards. This means that in order to qualify and be authorized, you must be able to fit inside a box or just check off numerous boxes. Since the Canadian economy is always evolving, it is no longer as easy to qualify as it previously was for your parents or their parents. 

This means that you will need to work with a different lender who is aware of your situation. is one of the best sub-prime lending options that will do best for you because of its best connections with B lenders.

Sub-Prime Lenders or B Lenders

B lenders are Canadian banks or traditional lending institutions that step in when your bank denies your mortgage application. “B” lenders are companies that offer subprime credit. is one of the best sub-prime lending options since they have access to the most dependable B lenders with adaptable mortgage loan options.

The amount your bank will loan you compared to an alternative B lender is one of the key distinctions. Banks or A-lending institutions, as we previously classified them, can offer financing for up to 95% of the value of your house. 

Sub-prime lenders, however, would only finance up to 80% of the cost of your home or the value of your property. This indicates that you will be required to make a 20% down payment or have 20% equity left in your home following a mortgage refinance.

What Sub-Prime Lenders Offer?

Mortgage periods range from one to three years for alternative sub-prime lenders. The rates are set to give you the chance to repair the harm done to your credit and finances and to clean up your financial situation. Some people might only require one year, while others might decide to extend the time they need to remedy problems by up to three years.

The team of professionals at has more than 30 years of expertise assisting clients in obtaining financing from alternative lenders. Even if you don’t currently qualify with your bank, they can still turn things around for you quickly. With their professional guidance, they will also assist you in resolving any prior credit concerns.

Top Sub-Prime Lenders: 

Enlisting below are the Sub-prime Lenders that made it to our top 3 in years of quality deliverance. 

Sub-Prime Lenders from 

LendToday focuses on making the process easy when it comes to submitting applications online. LendToday is determined to provide constant support with the help of their dedicated specialists and provide solutions considering their client’s financial help. They also take control of cash flows with mortgage products.

Sub-Prime Lenders from

The main goal is to assist individuals who have been declined mortgage financing by banks or who are having trouble paying their bills. provides sub-prime lenders to the needed ones due to the good connections they have. 

Sub-Prime Lenders from

At Clover Mortgage, we have teams of committed mortgage agents whose main goal is to aid clients with poor credit or low income in obtaining approval for a mortgage for a new house or in refinancing their existing mortgage on a home or piece of property.

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Conclusion is one of the best sub-prime lending options available in Canada. Having experience of over 30 years, the company provides the best sub-prime lenders and alternative mortgage options even if it is denied by banks due to bad credit. 

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