How To Earn Money Gaming

Gaming is increasing in popularity with every dawn of the day. Statistics reveal that 81% of Gen Z and 77% of Millennials play video games, spending about 7.33 and 6.83 hours weekly, respectively. The popularity is primarily due to the fun gamers derive. But besides entertainment, you can make some cash while enjoying your favorite game. Below are ways to earn cash gaming:

1. Farm in-game

Some games have a farmable in-game currency. For example, you can harvest smooth love potion (SLP), breed and sell Axies in Axie Infinity, or stake Axie Infinity Shards (AXS). You can sell the generated AXS on various crypto exchanges and get fiat money. Other games with farmable currencies include Aavegotchi, REVV Racing, Town Star, Pegaxy, and Gods Unchained. You may want to check out DappRadar’s Best Blockchain Games for an in-depth overview of these games and more.

2. Compete in tournaments

Another way of making money gaming is by becoming a professional gamer and competing in tournaments. It requires dedication, as you must outshine your components to win the prize. Moreover, you must be highly skilled to be granted a chance to participate in such competitions. 

The good thing is that mastering the necessary skills sets you up for massive winnings. For instance, the International Dota2 Championship 2019 had a prize pool of USD$33 million, with the winner taking home 45.5% of this cash, the world’s highest in esports championships. Notably, the prize exceeds that of the World Cup.

3. Coach upcoming gamers

If you perfect your art of playing video games, you can teach beginners some tips and tricks and charge for it. Many people getting into gaming for the first time want to improve their skills to compete professionally or simply outdo their friends. Popular games like League of Legends attract cultic followership. Thus, becoming a reliable gaming coach will earn you decent cash.

One option is coaching students one-on-one through video conferencing. While it’s very effective, you can only handle one student at a time, meaning your earning potential will depend on how many hours you can spend coaching daily. An alternative is developing tutorials, whether written or video. Gamers can use these coaching materials on their own, freeing your time. 

4. Stream your games

Some gaming fans enjoy watching professionals play games. Thus, you’d want to stream as you play on popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Twitch is the leading platform for game streaming, with 5.712 billion hours watched in 2022. YouTube registered 1.176 billion hours watched in the same year. 

These video-streaming platforms allow you to monetize your channel. You can display ads at strategic points within your gaming session. Just note that you require thousands to millions of ad views to make a decent income from ads.

Another alternative is requesting your fans to donate to appreciate your skills. As they watch you playing, they get insightful tips they can use to play the same games. Thus, it doesn’t hurt to tip you money-wise.

You can also onboard a sponsor for your channel. If your skills are impressive, some companies may want to be identified with you. They compensate you financially while you advertise their brand.

5. Review video games

Online reviews are critical in today’s e-commerce industry. 99% of potential customers read reviews when they shop online. No one would want to purchase a game until they’re sure it’ll meet their expectations. Therefore, launching a reviews site for video games will attract significant traffic.

You can record video reviews or write them as a blog. As you gain ground, you may want to join affiliate programs so that you earn some commission for every link to a video game a reader clicks. 

6. Test games

Video game production typically involves thorough testing to assess the product’s quality and user experience. No developer can release a new game into the market without testing it comprehensively. They wouldn’t want to sell a game with technical flaws and poor navigability. Thus, it’s common for them to hire professional gamers to break the game and evaluate every bit.

Notably, game testing isn’t all about identifying errors. You also must examine whether the game will be fun enough for players. Thus, you must know what thrills players and raises their adrenaline.


Gaming isn’t beneficial only as a form of entertainment. You can also make money from it. But it’s worth noting that the revenue-generating streams outlined above may not be “get-rich-quick” schemes.

Competition is tough, and you may have to work thousands of hours to perfect your trade. No one will stream your games if your skills are subpar, yet several other better players are broadcasting content. Besides skills, it’d be best to have a charming personality that viewers can relate to and enjoy. After all, it’s entertainment, and people are after the fun and thrill.

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