23 Fascinating Ways To Make Money As A 14 Year Old

Whenever I remember my days as a kid it often leads me to a road where the only thing, I ever wanted was to earn money like my parents. I remember hating the constant task of doing my homework and only wished for one thing, that is, to go to work like my parents. In my childhood days, the opportunity to earn money came only by performing household chores, especially the difficult ones our parents never had the time and energy to do. But, today’s technology driven world has brought an array of work opportunities.

As a 14-year-old kid, there are not a lot of things our parents would let us do or things that you as 14 year old would get hired for. Then, how to make money at 14? Or how to make money as a 14 year old? are some of the questions that challenge the ambitious and sharp minds of 14 year olds today. 

Thus, we have curated a list of 23 easy way to make money for a 14 year old.

23 Ways for a 14 year Old to Make Money

1. Start Your Own Blog

One of the simplest ways to make money as a 14 year old is to create your personal blog. You can set up a blog and off you go! After the blog has been created you can easily create posts and monetize the blog posts for money. Starting early can help you gain the necessary competitive advantage.

2. Take Online Surveys

There are numerous companies like Google Rewards that pay for filling their online surveys. One can take these surveys and earn cash without a single sweat.

3. Sell Used Goods Online

How to make money at 14 should not involve so much hard work. All you require is some stuff at home that you don’t use. Start with small items and sell them on sites like ebay. Once you understand how it works, you can convert it into a business and help your community grow.

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4. Become a Youtuber

How to make money as a 14 year old can seem like a piece of cake with technology at your disposal. Start your Youtube channel, you can post things like your vlog, your talent or teach something. 

5. Garage Sale

If you don’t feel comfortable doing something online, you can start a garage sale and sell all those things your parents have been complaining occupy lots of space. You will surely love this super easy way to make money for a 14 year old.

6. Give Digital Education to Old People

As world becomes an ever-growing tech savvy place, some of the old people find it difficult to understand. Help the people around you become more digitally equipped by teaching them how to use it for some cash.

7. Video Editing

Technology has various ways for a 14 year old to make money and one of the ways is to start video editing. You can invest time in learning the art of video editing and use it to change the way videos look.

8. Social Media Influencer-Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat

If you are not a fan of the above options and still think how to make money as a 14 year old, then it is as easy as it gets. We all are hooked to our social media and having an account on one is not a challenge. You can monetize your account and get money for your post.

9. Lawn Work

Another one of the many ways to make money as a 14 year old is to do the lawn work for your family and neighbor’s. A traditionally easy way to make money for a 14 year old.

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10. Become a Window Cleaner

If you keep wondering how to make money at 14, you can start a business of cleaning window panes for small offices or shops around your house.

11. Pet Sitting

This is one of the easy ways for a 14 year old to make money, pet sitting is the way to go. Search for neighbours who have pets but lack the time to take care of them. Start this business and you will be a profitable businessperson soon.

12. Household Chores

How to make money as a 14 year old? Its not that big a pathos as you think!

Get remunerated for the household chores you already do. Find people who don’t have time or find it difficult to their household chores due to health issues and ask them if you could ease their pressure in return for some cash.

13. Babysitting Business

One of the popular ways to make money as a 14 year old is to babysit. Take care of their children who are younger than you. It is so easy that you can earn money by even playing with them.

14. Wash Cars

How to make money at 14? 

Just do a simple chore of washing the cars of people. It is cheaper than the regular car wash, thus, people wouldn’t have a problem in paying you.

15. Water Plants for Old People

Water plants for the old people who can’t do it themselves. This would be a great help for them and a really fun activity for you. Helping elderly will give you a sense of satisfaction and also help you earn money as well.

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16. Gardening

You can even execute other gardening functions as well for more money. It is a fun thing to do and the best part is you will get paid to do this job.

17. Grocery Shopping

Apart from gardening, getting groceries for others is also a way to get some cash. You can go door to door to your neighbors and ask if they need any groceries. Tell them about the service you are providing and your charges. I am sure you will get orders.

18. Rent Your Stuff

Some of those cool comic books and PS that your parents buy can be rented out for some cash. It is an easy and quick way to earn money without doing much work.

19. App Testing

With so increasing number of apps, you can sign up to test some of the apps for the companies wanting consumers to test their apps.

20. Paper Route

Newspapers still exist in our world and distributing them is perfectly feasible job opportunity.

21. Trash Can Service

Take out that trash for people who can’t do it for themselves. This service is also a great help to other people and will help you to earn some money for yourself as well.

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22. House Sit During Vacation 

Guard people’s homes while they go out on vacation. It is simple, make a group of kids and sit at other people’s homes in exchange of money. It will help other people to get security and you will get to spend time with friends and will get money as well. You can also do side activities at their houses like garden mowing, pool cleaning, dog care etc.

23. Clean Leaves

A job difficult enough to haunt everyone during fall season. Do it for people who hate doing it and get paid! Not a very fun activity to do, but you are getting paid for it.


These were some of the best ideas with the help of which even 14 year old kids will be able to make money for themselves. I hope you found this article helpful. Do you have any other activity in mind to make money? Mention it in the comments.

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