Fascinating Ways to Make Money as a 20 Year Old

At 20, life seems to bring forth a lot of opportunities. You have one foot in your childhood and the other in adulthood. It is time to buckle up for your future now. The following tips on how to make money as a 20 year old can help you use some unconventional methods to make money at this age.

Business Related Ways for a 20 Year Old to Make Money

1. Lawn Care Business

An easy way to make money for a 20 year old is to take the lawn caring you did as a child to another level. Turn it into a business!

2. Cleaning Business

Starting a cleaning business is yet another one of the interesting ways to make money as a 20 year old. If you love cleaning, this will not only be interesting but cathartic as well.

3. Car Washing Business

As the car wash business becomes painfully expensive to procure these services, you can take the leap and provide cheaper options. Everyone does not need a fancy car wash at all times, sometimes they just require basic car wash services and you can provide them.

4. Car Modification Business

Modifying cars is not everyone’s piece of cake. But if you can create designs and imprint them on car you are looking at a rapidly growing career chart.

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How to make money at 20 with a Job?

5. At the Local Cinema

An easy way to make money for a 20 year old can be to get a job. You can work at the local cinema and get great deals whenever a new movie comes, in addition to the money you earn.

6. At a Gym

Working at the gym is one of the healthy ways for a 20 year old to make money. You can not only earn money but get great and deals on one of the main expenses we all spend on- Fitness.

7. At a Pet Store

Loving animals doesn’t have to be something you can only do for fun. You can share your love for animals through cool ways to make money as a 20 year old by working at a pet store.

8. As a Personal Assistant

Working as a Personal assistant can be an a easy way to make money for a 20 year old and enter into your corporate career.

9. Clerk

If you like maintaining records, filing papers and more, you can apply for jobs like clerk. Multiple offices have this position, thus, you can never run out of options.

10. As a Receptionist

You can work as a receptionist as an answer how to make money as a 20 year old. During this job you can learn about various roles in an organisation that can help you select a field for your future.

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How to Make Money as a 20 Year Old by Selling Something

11. Sell Old Clothes 

Selling old clothes can be one of the no sweat ways to make money as a 20 year old. By selling your old clothes, you will not only help others but also be saved from the dump of clothes piling in your closet and all you get is money in return.

12. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

An alternate answer to how to make money at 20 is to sell something on Facebook Marketplace. You can sell anything from clothes to furniture to electronic gadgets.

13. Host Garage Sales

Garage sales is an easy way to make money for a 20 year old. You can sell your things to your neighbours and get rid of them without moving a muscle.

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How to Make Money at 20 by Becoming Something You Love

14. Become a Musician

If you can play music, becoming a musician is one of the ways for a 20 year old to make money and love what you do. 

15. Become a Professional Swimmer

If you want to know how to make money at 20 and you love swimming, this could be your answer. You train and become a professional swimmer and win medals for your nation.

16. Become a Barista

You can also become a barista. Through this job you can learn how to handle customers and talk to people.

17. Become a Graphic Designer

Another growing trend in today’s tech driven world is graphic designer. You can take classes and become one. Options for freelancing is also available for this profession.

18. Become a Blogger 

A profession closely related to today’s millennial population is blogging. You can become a blogger and monetize your blog once you garner enough followers.

19. Become a Math Tutor

If you are good at math, you can try your hand at teaching it some young kids. This profession is highly sought after and paying, if you love math.

20. Become a Foreign Language Translator

Knowing a foreign language, you have a lot of avenues that can open for you. Translation can be one of the options for your career. You can become a freelance foreign language translator.

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How to make money as a 20 year old with Food Related Jobs

21. Working at a Restaurant

Interested in the food industry? You can work at a restaurant, there are multiple jobs that you can perform such as waiting tables, cleaning or if you have the knack of creating tasty foods, you can even become a chef.

22. Food Delivery Boy/Girl

Another job related to the food industry is delivering food. Various food delivery apps or restaurants provide food delivery options. This can be a great way to earn money and get some food coupons.

23. Work at a Fast Food Joint

Fast food joints are a place where the millennials can be found in huge numbers. Why because it is convenient food and the taste is delicious. Since the footfall is in multitudes, they will also have a number of jobs and positions to fill. Thus, you can earn steady cash by working at one.


These were some of the best ideas with the help of which 20 year old’s can make money. You can choose any one of these ideas according to your interest and start your own business.

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