How to Make Money as a 22 Year Old?

You are a young adult now but you still have no finances to provide you stable source of money. Well, there are plenty of ways for a 22 year old to make money. 

To your great surprise it is not important to get a job to make money. You can earn money without working for someone as well! Thus, we have curated the perfect list for you that will provide you the much need answer to your question on how to make money at 22.

23 ways to make money as a 22 year old

How to Make Money as a 22 year old with Content Creation? 

1. Vlogging/Blogging

Vlogging or blogging can be an easy way to make money for a 22 year old if your mind is always popping with new content ideas. You can vlog about your day or write blogs about the things that interest you while connecting with a community that has similar interests as yours.

2. Youtuber

Another content creation activity that helps you generate millions of dollars is to become a youtuber. You can create comic, inspirational or informative videos and monetise them.

3. Graphic Designer

If you are camera shy and wonder how to make money as a 22 year old, you can think of becoming a graphic designer. You can take professional classes and learn skills like designing images, videos and infographics for different companies or start your own.

4. Instagram Influencer

An easy way to make money for a 22 year old is to become an Instagram influencer. Once you have a following you can collaborate with brands to promote their product through your content.

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Providing Services in Different Ways to Make Money as a 22 year old 

5. Consulting Services

There are other ways for a 22 year old to make money, in case creating content is not your key suite. You can provide consulting services. These services can be in any field of your interest or expertise.

6. Cleaning Services

You have been reading so far and still think nothing fits my taste and still ponder on how to make money as a 22 year old?! Well, cleaning is something we all have been doing in homes since we were kids. You can provide these services to someone who is not able to clean due to their schedule or health conditions.

7. Car Washing Services

You can also provide car washing services as an easy way to make money for a 22 year old. It does not have to be a fancy car wash, rather you can provide good quality basic services for a nominal price.

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How to Make Money at 22 with your Interests

8. Wedding Planner

When providing services or creating content fail as ways to make money as a 22 year old for you, go for your interest. Start a wedding planning company and create your money-making machine, as weddings never go out of fashion.

9. Music Training

How to make money at 22 should not be challenging for those of you who have musical training. Yes, I am talking about the music classes your parents forcefully took you to as a kid. Use that knowledge and impart it to others for some cash.

10. Sports Training

Additionally, you can also venture into sports training, if that is your game. Make them kids sweat for you! Get some students to join and watch your bank account soar with the help of the thing you love-Sports!

11. Baker

For those of you who have an innate sense of belongingness near the over, this one of the simplest and quickest ways for a 22 year old to make money.

12. Drop Shopping

Drop shopping is the process of purchasing goods from one site and selling on another. Yes, it is one for you (I am talking about you lazy lads, we didn’t forget you!).

13. Private Tutoring  

If you love teaching, you can start providing private tutoring services. You can teach any subject of your choice and impart education to other children.

14. Photo and Video Editing

You can also edit photos and videos for money. There are multiple apps and tools that can help you perform this task.

15. T-shirt Printing

Love designing clothes and creating cool prints. Give people the luxury of wearing the prints you could never find. Start your T-shirt printing business.

16. Jewellery Designing

There various courses that help you acquire the skill of jewellery designing. You can learn it and enter this field full of cash and sparkle.

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Technical Ways to Make Money as a 22 Year Old

17. Smart Home Installation

For all those techies wanting to spend your time around tech but with a variation. You can install smart apps and features in homes and make the lives of other people easy.

18. Mobile App Developer

Another cool way to invest your time is by developing mobile apps. As the pandemic is having its effect the world is becoming more and more tech-friendly, this means more and more apps.

19. Computer Repair Services

If you know your way around the mother board and the multiple processors in CPU and GPU, this could be the ideal way to make money for you.

20. Research Work

Research work might not be technology-related but it sure is technical. You can freelance or work with agencies and companies that primarily focus on giving to the society through research.

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Additional Ideas for How to Make Money at 22?

21. Recycling and Upcycling

Recycling and upcycling are a great way to earn money while sitting at home and once you get a knack for it, you can also do it for others. Making this planet a better place to live.

22. Quick Jobs

There are quick jobs like putting posters and banners and you can start an agency for the same, making large firms and companies your target to provide you work.

23. Sell Products for Companies

You can additionally sell products for companies. Many companies prefer door-to-door sale strategy of their products and this could be your foot in the door to some cash.


These were some of the best ways with the help of which 22 year old’s can make money. You can choose any one of the ideas above and start making money. I hope you found this list helpful. Do you have any other idea in mind to make money? Mention it in the comments down below!

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