23 Ways to Make Money as a 32 Year Old

The cliché of ‘Age is just a number’ sadly does not work when it comes to finances. You have to work hard, gain experience and become clear about what you are doing and yes finally make money!

But why is earning money such a struggle?

Why should you have to scratch your brains so hard to take a great pay cheque home?

Is it because you are confused about how to make money as a 32 year old or at any age beyond 30?

If that is the case you clearly need help and this article is set to do exactly that!

How to Make Money at 32?

ways to make money as a 32 year old

Earning money can be a struggle in your 30s if you don’t have a job or lack passion or your job is not sufficient enough to keep your financial boat sailing.

So. Is there an easy way to make money for a 32 year old? Well, absolutely! There isn’t just one, there are multiple ways for a 32 year old to make money. Let us talk about some of them.

1. Start a Blog

‘How to make money as a 32 year old’ can be a fairly simple question to answer with all the technology around us. All you need is a laptop, desktop or phone and an internet connection with a creative mind full of stories to share with the world. You can start this easy way to make money for a 32 year old as a part-time business and eventually give it more time.

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2. Open a Salon

How to make money at 32? This question can seem daunting to some who still don’t know where their interest lies. You can start a salon or work at one to get a taste of these waters.

3. Become a Barber

Or there are other ways to make money as a 32 year old. You can become a barber if you are a man or feel working on men’s hair and face is an easy feat to achieve.

4. Educate People

As one of the intellectual ways for a 32 year old to make money, you can educate people. You could educate them about a skill or talent you possess or if you don’t have one, you could always learn something new and impart that education to others.

5. Become a Part-Time Salesperson

When you have a lot of financial responsibility on your head and have to feed your family but your current job is not enough-you can become a part-time salesperson. And this could be the answer to your question of ‘how to make money as a 32 year old’.

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6. Run a Restaurant

There are many more ways to make money as a 32 year old. One of them could be to open a restaurant. How exciting would it be to serve people delicious food and get paid for it?

7. Run a Café

You could also start a café, if running a restaurant is too much for you to handle.

8. Start Bar tendering

How to make money at 32 isn’t all about investing your savings into running a business. It can also mean providing services to other business such as Bar tendering.

9. Open a Pet Store

If you love animals and want to know an easy way to make money for a 32 year old, opening a pet store can be the most desirable solution to the question- ‘How to make money as a 32 year old?’

10. Work at an MNC

If your life revolves around professional ways to make money as a 32 year old, you can work at an MNC instead of working at a local store. So stop doing that mundane job at a local office and take the risk of applying to an MNC and watch yourself shine.

11. Start an IT Service Company

How to make money at 32 for IT professionals? Super easy!

Start a company that provides IT solutions and services to companies. Start with small companies and build yourself up to take on the responsibility for large firms.

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12. Teach Coding

Another one of the easy ways for a 32 year old to make money in the IT line is take coding classes. You can even do it as a side hustle and continue doing your job for the better part of the day.

13. Invest in A Business

If you are not ready to start a business yet but want your money to flow in, find someone who knows what they are doing in their business and invest in them. Help them financially with a condition of acquiring a portion of the profit.

14. Start a Bakery

This one is for those of you can’t seem to get away from the oven. Bake! Bake! And sell your delicious treats for money and then repeat.

15. Teach a Language

Knowing a language is a skill that means you already know so much more than other people. Use this skill to make you some cash, teach the language you know to kids and adults.

16. Become a Micro Influencer

The days of influencers are shiny but not every influencer gets take home a pay cheque. You can become a micro influencer and build up your fan base that is loyal to you and you can reward them with discount coupons and knowledge along the way.

17. Become a YouTuber

On the other hand, you can also invest your creative juices into Youtube.

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18. Start a Photocopy Business

The days of paper aren’t over yet. Many businesses like law firms, schools and more still require some form of paper work and paper trails. You can start a photocopy business and earn some extra money.

19. Become a Part-Time Handyman

Good at fixing things and performing multiple repair jobs? Get a part-time handyman job and make this your side hustle.

20. Become a Part-Time Electrician

Or you can also become a part-time electrician.

21. Start Upselling on eBay

Another option is to upsell products on eBay for profit.

22. Rent a Room in your House

You could also rent a room or two in your house and get monthly rent without doing anything.

23. Do a Garage Sale Every Month

Who knew garage sales could help you earn money?

Starting a garage sale every now and then can actually help you keep afloat on your financial journey.

Final Words

These were some of the best ideas with the help of which 32 year old’s can make money. I hope you found this list helpful. Do you have any other idea in mind to make money in your 30’s? Mention it in the comments down below.

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