6 Reasons Why Money Can’t Buy You Everything

Money can’t buy everything! The tendencies of us humans, is to run after anything that appears shiny. It could be the sparkling Diamonds, the glistening gold or the one that has the power to buy everything- Money!

If that is the case, why do some people keep referring to the phrase “Money can’t buy you happiness”?

Is it their jealous self-talking out loud or is it true that money can’t buy everything?

I am sure many of you would be thinking that money can surely buy everything we know, so what is this chatter all about?

Let us discuss some of the top reasons why money can’t buy happiness and weigh them in terms of reality.

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Can Money Buy Everything? (6 Reasons Why It Can’t)

can money buy everything

1. Money can’t buy you happiness


If money can’t buy you happiness, then why do we get so happy after purchasing something?? 

Well, it is true we get happy momentarily but that feeling only lasts for so long. The reasons why money can’t buy happiness include our habit of purchasing something and expecting it will give us happiness, looking at other people’s belongings and wondering what if we had them. All these are desires that once fulfilled have no lasting effect. Thus, the reasons why money can’t buy happiness is because money can’t buy everything as it was not designed to make you happy. The reasons why money can’t buy happiness is such a big debate is because money was made to be only a mode of transaction. It us humans who have made money our master and we all act like its puppets rather than the other way round.

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2. Buying things with money gives temporary satisfaction

Picking up from the first point, can money buy everything should not be a question as it only gives us temporary satisfaction, which we perceive as happiness. Sure, money can buy you goods, gifts and clothes but when you buy them, how long does the elation last? 

Hours, Minutes, seconds or maybe a few days and then puff!! Right?

This happens because money can’t buy you everything and as soon as you buy something the feeling of you losing your hard earned being lost hits and that temporary satisfaction vanishes.

3. Money can’t buy you your health

Have you ever seen rich people eating healthy, working out and living a clean healthy lifestyle? Why is that? If they are so rich that they can pay for the medical bills with ease, why do they focus so much on their health?

Is it due to the fact that money can’t buy you everything, especially health?


It is true money can help you pay bills but it cannot repair the damage your body experiences due to poor living conditions. So, respect your mind, body and soul as it can’t be replenished with any amount of money.

4. Money can’t buy love and relationships

So many people don’t believe that money can’t buy everything. What would you say about love and relationships? Real love and relationship are something no money, influence and power can get you. You can maybe pay to get a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband but will they be a real and true partner who genuinely cares for you? Not so sure are you now?!

Thus, it would be safe to say that money can’t buy everything.

5. Money can’t buy sense of belongingness and purpose

Do you still think, can money buy everything?

Think about it. Do all the rich people have a sense of belongingness or a sense of purpose? Some of the millionaires and billionaires do have a sense of purpose but not everyone. Also, haven’t you heard the rich talking about how lonely it gets when you reach at the top. This is an indication that money is not everything. Thus, it best not to fret about money every time and develop a stoic personality rather than a greedy one.

6. More Money= More stress, more work, more expenses and less free time

As money pours down into your bank balance, the overwhelming burst of happiness can trick you into believing that money is everything. You believe that you are strong enough to achieve whatever you want. Here comes the but!

To get something, you have to let something go. Thus, with more money comes more responsibility and more work. This results in a situation where you have less time for yourself, your family and loved ones. As you get occupied, you prefer to get things done rather than doing them yourself. Resulting in more expenses!

And the cycle of endless work, hunger for money and dissatisfaction of not having enough increases. So much so that it cripples your mind with the thoughts of inadequacy.

So, can money buy everything?

I think money can help you buy a lot of things but money can’t buy you everything for sure!

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What can you do to not be succumbed by the greed for money?

reasons why money can't buy happiness

There are a few tips that you can follow to grow without being greedy or stingy. Both are two extremes but that is no way to live life. We need to practice certain mantras for having a peaceful life without losing our zeal to grow and become the best version of ourselves.

Some of the things that you can do to create a zen life are:

  • Schedule time with your family to cherish their love.
  • Practice Meditation and Mindfulness for calm soul.
  • Practice Yoga a flexible body.
  • Eat clean and healthy for a healthy body and skin.
  • Go out in the nature more often to enrich your soul.
  • Avoid stress by proper planning.
  • If you love purchasing things, make a budget that will help you spend your money wisely, so you never need more.
  • Invest 40% of your earnings for your future and rainy days.
  • Don’t waste your money on unnecessary things.
  • Practice minimalism.
  • Practice Self Love.
  • Change your mindset from someone who takes to someone who gives to the society.
  • Volunteer to help others grow with you.

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