How to Change Snapchat Notification Sound? [iOS & Android] 

Snapchat is a messaging app which is used by Millions of people. More and more people are influenced by features of this app and that’s why they are downloading this app. One of the most popular options that Snapchat is providing is its filter option. It offers the easiest way to put filters on pictures. You will get to know if someone took a screenshot of your chats, replayed a video that you sent, watched your story, etc. A lot of people are wondering how to change snapchat notification sound, let’s see.

In this article, I will guide you about how you can change snapchat notification sound. 

  • First of all, you should know that Snapchat is available on both android and iOS. You can download Snapchat from the play store and iOS app store. 
  • Functions of Snapchat on both android and iOS are approximately the same, there are slight changes in the options. 
  • But the process of changing Snapchat notification sound settings is different in both IOS and android. 

How to change snapchat notification sound in android? 

You can follow the steps given below in the android version 10. Every version of the android step varies a bit but the process would be similar in every version. 

  • Open to the “Settings Option” appearing on the homescreen of your mobile.
  • From the settings click on “Apps and Notifications”. From here you can control your app’s settings. 
  • Then select see all apps options. After clicking on this you will see apps listed there.
  • Find “Snapchat” in the list. 
  • Click on “Snapchat” and there you will see a “Notification Option” click on that.
  • Click on the “Snaps and Chats Option”.
  • Then select the “Advanced Option” in the notification category screen.
  • The screen provides you a list of various options like vibration, sound, etc. Select “Sound” from there. 
  • You can “Select any Sound” that you want to from there. 
  • Now your snapchat notifications are successfully changed. Notifications that pop up from now onwards will have the new sound that you have selected. 
  • You can also change the snapchat audio/video call ringtone. There, you will find an option for this too. You can change from there. If you change audio/video call ringtone then it will be changed for every call. 

You also have another option to change your Snapchat sound settings. 

How to change Snapchat Notification sound by system settings? 

Below are the steps that you can follow to change Snapchat notification sound via system settings: 

  • Visit the “Settings” of your mobile and click on “Sounds and Notifications.” 
  • Choose “Notification Sound and Vibration”. And select the sound that you want to be your next notification sound. 

If you follow the above steps, your notification sound will be changed and the next notification that pops up will have the new sound that you just changed. 

How to change Snapchat notification sound on the iPhone? 

Currently, iPhone users don’t have the option to change the Snapchat notification sound. For the Snapchat iPhone have pre-built sound for Snapchat notifications. 

You can change the audio/video caller tune for Snapchat on the iPhone. Following are the steps that you can follow to change the Snapchat ringtone: 

  • Click on the “Settings” of your device. 
  • Choose “Sounds and Haptics” option. 
  • Click on “Sound and Vibration Patterns” and then change the sound from the ringtone option.

If you are changing the ringtone then this will be for all calls you will receive. 

How to turn off snap notifications? 

Steps to turn off your Snapchat notifications are different in android and ios. 

Remember one thing if you turn off the Snapchat notifications then you won’t receive any alerts for messages and calls. 

Steps to turn off snap notifications on iPhone: 

  • Visit the “Settings Option” and then click on “Notifications”
  • Find “Snapchat” and then click on the “Snapchat App”
  • There is a “Sound Toggle Option”. Turn this off to turn off your snap notifications.

Steps to turn off snap notifications in android(version 10). 

  • Go to the “Settings” option. 
  • Click on “Notifications” and find the “Snapchat App” in the list. 
  • Snap notifications can be turned off from there. 

Snapchat is becoming more popular. More and more people are downloading Snapchat. There can be any reason why you wanna change the Snapchat notification sound. So in this article, I tried to mention every step that you should follow to change the snapchat notification sound. I hope this article will help you in changing the snapchat notification sound and turning off the notification sound.


These were the simple ways on how to change your snapchat notification sound. I hope you found this article helpful. If you still have any questions related to how to change your snapchat notification sound then let us know in the comments down below.

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