Top 3 Virtual Tour Creators 

A virtual tour simulates a real site using a series of still photos or movies. Multimedia components like music, sound effects, floor layouts, etc. enhance this experience. They aid in generating an accurate portrayal of reality. The idea is to depict a real location in a virtual environment so that you can explore it as though you were truly there.

There are several virtual tour creators that will help you to bring life to your content. Using 360° and regular pictures, one can create interactive experiences and virtual tours, and a lot more amusing experiences. 

Without writing code or leaving your browser, you may embed a variety of material, monitor success with in-depth statistics, work with team members, and provide live guided tours.

Let’s dig out more about the top 3 digital virtual tour creators who can turn your dream into a realistic experience.

1. Seekbeak

SeekBeak is a complete package that provides unmatched control over 360° and flat photos, virtual tours, and audience analytics. You can create unique and interactive experiences, monitor what is effective, and alter our platform to match your brand.

You can easily make an account here, and upload your content. Also, you can use both 360° panoramic and flat images. You will then proceed to create your experience with the editor that easily opens in the browser. You can add information, data collection, and other media to make it more interactive. 

Once it will be done, it is your choice to create custom user interfaces and overlays for the ultimate in branded customization. You can embed it in any website, and share it easily using a URL.  

SeekBeak – 360 virtual tour creator allows users to manage different users, customize icons, and colors, and bring 360º & flat images to life, anti-static tours, live guided video/audio tours, custom overlays & UI, and many more. 

2. Klapty 

Klapty being the finest online VR creator provides its user’s options that will allow them to create free basic Virtual Tours. It also enables them to upload high graphics and resolution images or panoramic view images which are linked with some animated hot points. 

Text can be added in these images as well, where most of the interface is user-friendly with a drag and drop feature. 

3. Theasys

Theasys is also a powerful application for unlimited creativity. It provides you with the easy-to-use and adaptable tools to make and share some ultimate 360° virtual tours. If you are a real estate agent, 360-degree photographer, site designer, or travel agent, it helps you in producing the most stunning panoramic tours for your consumers because of its unrivaled capability, simplicity of use, and professional approach.

Building the Virtual Tours on Theasys has helped thousands of people, both amateurs, and professionals, from around the world be more creative and sell their products more quickly.

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As discussed above, there are several options available that entirely depend on their budget and the purpose. All the VR provides numerous options which cover the user’s needs. One of the most prominent is Seekbeak which provides a complete experience. 

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