List of Franchise Business Opportunities Available in Canada

Many people believe that there are only two possibilities available when choosing their future job paths: working for yourself or working for someone else. This enormous undertaking may not be as alluring to some people as it is to some, whether it involves working for oneself or running a small business

But running a franchise location can offer the ideal fusion of both. The franchise market enables business-minded people to establish a location and run a company with an established infrastructure and a significant customer base. If you want to start a new convenience store business in Canada, this is the best time to start. 

Canada offers a large selection of first-rate convenience store enterprises for sale since there has never been a better time to launch this type of business.

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Franchise Business Opportunities in Canada

The local market is expanding and swarming with amazing business chances, especially in well-known food centers in major cities of Canada. This boom has produced the ideal environment for growing your firm and entering new markets.

You must only choose the greatest prospects for purchasing a convenience store business in Canada because there is such severe competition in this rich and flourishing business environment. 

Finding the greatest business opportunity to investigate convenience store sales, though, might be a bit challenging. If you look online for guidance, you can receive an abundance of information that makes choosing much more difficult. 

Fortunately, you can avoid unnecessary expenses if you explore this to start a new convenience store business in Canada, and see the most precise and current lists of opportunities available. See some of the options available:

1. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is the largest Canadian franchise in the nation and one of the most well-known Canadian brands in the globe. Tim Horton, a Canadian hockey player, founded the chain in 1964, and it now has over 4800 stores spread over 14 nations. 

This market leader provides entrepreneurs with excellent franchising potential for the future. You must have a net worth of $500k and $100k in unrestricted funds to meet the franchisee’s minimum financial requirements.

2. Marlin Travel

Marlin Travel was founded in 1987, but Transat Distribution Canada purchased the business in 2006. As a result, this business is one of the biggest retailers of holiday travel in the nation.

Marlin Travel is one of the most well-known travel franchises in the nation as a result. In addition to a $3,000 franchise fee and 3% of total sales in royalties, being a franchisee requires an upfront investment of $100k to $150k.

3. Mr Lube Canada

Owning a Mr Lube franchise can be a successful business venture because it is one of the greatest automobile franchises in Canada. This 1976-founded Canadian company presently has over 480 locations across the nation.

Although the corporation has a presence in practically every province in the nation, many of the current franchise opportunities are located in Ontario and Alberta.


It is not surprising that many people go for franchise opportunities in Canada because there are several benefits to doing it. The primary advantage of becoming a franchisee is that the company will have an already established customer base, product or service. 

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