What Is Kyleforgeard Net Worth? [Updated 2023]

Kyle Forgeard was born on July 12, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and is a YouTuber and internet celebrity. He is best known as a member of the YouTube prank trio “Neck.” The viral video “Coke Prank on Cops” amassed over 1.3 million subscribers which made people wonder what is kyleforgeard net worth.

According to sources, Kyle Forgeard net worth as of late 2017 was estimated to be around $700,000, accumulated through the lucrative activities of his prank trio, which managed to gain a lot of attention and subscribers. His net worth is increasing because he remains very active on social media.

If you are wondering what is Kyleforgeard net worth, then his article will go over Kyle rapper net worth in a nutshell.

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Early Life

kyle rapper net worth

Kyle rose to internet fame in July 2010 with the creation of the channel “NelkFilmz” with twins Niko and Marko Martinovic. They started by posting two videos, “What The *** Moments – THE SHOWER” and “What The *** Moments – The Business Meeting.” The trio’s popularity grew, as did the number of subscribers and followers. Lucas Gasparini, Jessi Sebastiani, and Kyle are members of the trio, and they continue to film prank videos in public places. Despite their public popularity, they have been involved in several unpleasant situations, including being arrested on several occasions for breaking the law while filming their videos. One such incident occurred while they were filming “Coke Prank on Cops,” one of their most popular videos, which gained them over a million subscribers.

Andrea Russett appeared in another of their videos, “Calling In Sick To A Place We Don’t Work At.”

In 2007, the trio appeared in the reality comedy series “Jack Vale Films” due to their popularity. They also star in their TV show of the same name, which debuted in 2011, and accepted an invitation to appear in the second season of the TV show Internet Icon in Los Angeles in 2012.

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Net Worth

Kyle rapper net worth is of $1.5 million. Kyle Forgeard, Nelk’s featured content creator, makes a lot of money from their YouTube channel and merchandise business.

Kyle Forgeard is a well-known creator of prank videos on their YouTube channel, Nelk. From YouTube Adsense, they earn between $89.2k and $1.4 million per year, and hence Kyle rapper net worth is high or as you know him kyleforgeard net worth. 

Nelk Boys’ primary source of income is YouTube Adsense. Kyle Forgeard and other Nelk members have a YouTube channel where they post prank videos. Their YouTube channel, Nelk, has 6.73 million subscribers and has received over 1 billion video views.

The Full Send Merchandise Brand of Nelk Boys makes a $906k profit. The brand is run by the trio, but in terms of percentage ownership, Steve Deleonardis has the highest digit.

If you have ever wondered why  Kyle Forgeard net worth is high? Then, according to numerous reports, the Nelk Boys earn up to $70 million per year. A large portion of this sum comes from Nelk Boys’ merchandise brand, Full Send. Though Kyle Forgeard founded this trio group, Steve Deleonardis is the primary owner of the Full Send Merchandise brand.

Kyle Forgeard will launch his new business brand, Happy Dad, in June 2021. This beverage company is making a lot of money. Nelk Boys can earn up to $70 million per year. Happy Dad Hard Seltzer is available in a 12-can variety pack for $19.99. Kyle Forgeard benefits from Nelk Boys’ business brand as a founding member.

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