iMac Pro i7 4k {Everything You Need To Know}

The latest imac pro i7 4k is not the first pro computer Apple has released. It’s been around for a few years now, and with the release of its newest product, they have decided to make some significant changes. They now allow users to have a touch bar customized for their specific needs with pre-installed apps like Final Cut, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office. 

The new touch bar will also offer contextual buttons depending on what app is open, providing new opportunities for faster editing and efficient multitasking in creative environments.

Features of imac pro i7 4k:


The design of the new imac pro i7 4k is very sleek and very minimal in appearance. It looks like a future computer, which we’re all used to from Apple products. The bare minimum of modern technology is required to power the i7 4k and the touch bar. 

A thick metal frame with a glass screen in the front holds up the whole device. This helps create an overall higher level of elegance, not only because it’s a part of Apple’s design aesthetic but also because it allows the display to be much larger than other devices on the market. The glass screen is also a great innovation because it aids in light’s natural polarization and reflection, which sets the i7 4k apart as a work of art.


It might initially seem expensive, with a base model of the i7 4k starting at $4,199. But it looks pretty good, considering all of the hardware and software that Apple packs into this thing. The i7 4k comes with a Xeon E5 processor and 64 GB of DDR4 memory that has been clocked to 2.0 GHz, which is more than enough power to deal with anything users could throw at this beast.


The biggest knock I have on this computer is the storage. Apple chose to include a 1 TB fusion drive that combines a solid-state drive and a hard disk to make loading and saving data faster. The problem is that most users don’t need a ton of space on their computers, but they do need speed, which is what the i7 4k delivers above all else.


The processor used in the i7 4k is a 6th generation Intel Core i7-6800K. This chip is known for being one of the best processors available for heavy workloads. If you’re curious about other ones, lintel does an excellent job explaining what makes a specific series of processors better than others.


The software on the new i7 4k comes as a mixed bag. The touch bar looks futuristic and innovative, but it doesn’t add much when it comes strictly to software. The imac pro i7 4k comes with all the latest apps like Final Cut and Microsoft Office pre-installed, which is a massive bonus for users just getting started with editing on the computer.

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The new imac pro i7 4k could be better. But then again, perfection is only sometimes attainable. This machine has everything you need in a powerful computer and a great design sure to turn heads at any event.

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