Are Jordans Made In China? Detailed Guide

Air Jordans have enthralled the society with their ever-growing popularity and their overwhelming fame remains undebated ever since their release. A prized position, the Air Jordans are a brand that has people wanting to lay hands on just one.

When there is something as popular as the Air Jordans then there are endless possibilities of having their fakes making people wonder are jordans made in China? Thus, the questions arise:

Where are Jordan shoes made? Or Are Jordans made in China?

how much do jordans cost in china

Let us find the answer to whether Jordan shoes made in China or not!

Air Jordans are a brand that is produced by Nike and was introduced in 1984. Before it become a brand, the first Air Jordan was designed specifically for Michael Jorden, during his time with Chicago Bulls. 

Since the introduction of Jordans to the market, the brand has garnered the respect of becoming the most preferred product in the shoe industry. With each successful shoe launch, Nike has focussed on engineering each pair with flawless detail. They aim to provide high levels of quality, comfortability and attractiveness in their design. The brand is considered as a LUX brand. 

But is this lux brand selling made in China Jordan shoes?

where are jordan shoes made

Since its introduction we have all been wondering where are Jordan shoes made and after reading this article, you will know the exact answer to all your Jordan related queries. 

The real answer to the question of ‘are Jordans made in China?’ is Yes. 

The final mass production of Air Jordans takes place in China. The reason why you are wearing a made in China Jordan is that there are two main plants in China that operate solely on creating the most sought- after Jordan shoes made in China.

If you were confused earlier about the question ‘Are Jordans made in China?’, we hope this is the answer to where are Jordan shoes made.

As we have established that we all purchase Jordan shoes made in China, let us find out how much do Jordans cost in China? Also, let us understand, why made in China Jordan is the most popular brand in the shoe biz.

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How Much Do Jordans Cost in China?

jordan shoes made in china

Nike is one of the world’s leading athletic shoes supplier and producer. The market share of Nike in the athletic footwear industry was 27.4% in 2019. 

This, startling demand arises from the off the chart growth of fitness enthusiasts amongst the average population. The trend of health and wellness in population is the reason athletic footwear has seen an upsurge not only as a fitness product but as stylish and comfortable accessory while working out.

A rise in the consumer’s inclination to purchase athletic footwear, well-organized supply chain and an increased ability to purchase has resulted in an ever- growing athletic footwear industry. It might be bewildering to many that where are Jordan shoes made is not the question that many worry about, despite it being a luxury brand and want to purchase it regardless.

Although, there is one intriguing question of how much do Jordans cost in China?

The fandom of Air Jordans has surpassed many well- established brands. Despite being an expensive collection, the Jordans have managed to shake the market share of brands like Reebok, Adidas, Converse, and more.

Some of the most expensive and sought- after Air Jordans are:

Air Jordan 

10,000 USD

Air Jordan XVII

11,267 USD

Air Jordan 10 OVO

20,000 USD

Air Jordan 11 (Blackout)

21,780 USD

Air Jordan 1 (Black and Gold)

25,000 USD

Air Jordan 2 OG

31,000 USD

Air Jordan 12 OVO

100,000 USD

Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game)


This is the price of Air Jordans available in the market, but what is the actual cost of making one of the pairs.

The exact figures of the making costs of Air Jordans in China have not been cleared by Nike. But reports suggest that the production costs of a pair of Air Jordans by Nike can reach to an approximate value of 16 USD or more.

However, the price of the Air Jordans on the official website and online selling platforms ranges from 250 USD to approximately 550 USD. 

Hopefully, this will give you the answer to the question of how much do Jordans cost in China.

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Why People Pay So Much For Jordan’s?

made in china jordan

With the answer to the price at your hand, does it seem perplexing to understand why someone would pay so much for a pair of shoes? 

Well, we have got the answer to this one too!

For some people, the Air Jordans are not just athletic shoes, they are a part of something bigger- an inheritance of generations of basketball! 

Each pair of shoes tells a different tale of accomplishments and hard work and basketball lovers would give almost anything to become a part of the golden legacy of basketball.

Thus, for these people it is one of the most precious possession. Some of the people don’t even purchase them to wear it, rather to collect them. 

This makes sense, right? But what about the people who are not frantic about basketball?

These people also spend huge sums of dollars to buy the brand and project extreme brand loyalty. According to Psychological study, such behaviour arises from the belief that many people tend to equate price with quality. People with this mindset believe that, if something is costly, it will be because of they provide quality. Another study also suggested that people who opt for branded products might have hand of self- esteem pushing them through. As purchasing luxury goods is associated to an act of boosting self- esteem.

Thus, it would be safe to say that Nike has shun the prejudice of selling products on the basis of its making costs and profits. The brand depicts a section of the luxury world, where the cost of products is determined by their popularity rather than the making costs of the products.

We hope that this article was an insightful view inside the world of athletic footwear industry and Air Jordans.

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