Most Impactful Tech Trends For Small Businesses In 2022

To get things straight, technology isn’t reserved for big corporations. Small businesses, too, can take advantage of tech trends to efficiently run, advertise, and control business operations. In other words, embracing these trends puts your business on the track to success. 

It’s worth noting that customers prefer doing business with technologically advanced and forward thinking brands. Therefore, there’s no room to opt-out of technology. It’s somewhat mandatory. After all, most of your competitors are already integrating the latest tech trends into their daily activities. You wouldn’t want to be left behind and lose all your customers to your competitors. With that in mind, consider the following impactful small business tech trends for 2022: (1)

1. Automated invoicing software

Typing and printing invoices and mailing them to clients to ask for payments is a thing of the past. Nowadays, invoicing software, such as the one developed by Jobber, comes in handy in reducing the back and forth between you and your clients. The good news is that they sync with accounting software online to facilitate professional bookkeeping standards.

Aside from that, they come with professional templates which you can easily modify with your company’s specifics, such as logo and brand name. Then, you can quickly populate the relevant fields with the current job details. To cap it all, such software automates invoice follow-ups by sending clients notifications on upcoming deadlines. Eventually, you get paid promptly for all your jobs, thus ensuring seamless business continuity. 

2. Using job quoting templates

Suppose you’re a service provider in industries such as carpentry, commercial cleaning, pool repair, tree care, landscaping, and pressure washing. In that case, you’re well aware of how challenging it can be to prepare quotes, owing to the multiple line items for any specific option—using an estimate template can significantly simplify the quoting process and cut down the time you spend. 

Moreover, your quotes will be accurate, given the advanced in-built capabilities to detect errors. Also, you can effortlessly customize your quote to bear your brand’s key elements, thus portraying a professional image to your customers. Ultimately, they’re likely to be more convinced to order your services.

3. Customer communication management tools

Effective customer communication is essential for your business as it strengthens relations. To this end, you need sophisticated tools to reach your customers and discuss business with them. Ideally, you’ll always need to inform your customers about new stock, remind them about offers, schedule appointments, or ask for feedback. (2) 

The twist comes in when different customers have their preferred channels of communication. One uses emails, the other normal messages, social messaging apps, live chat, and the rest. As such, your winning point has a master platform that integrates all these messaging apps. As a result, you won’t have to keep switching between the different tools, which is tedious and time-consuming, and things can easily get forgotten or lost. 

Moreover, customers will enjoy prompt responses while your team gets more productive at work. Keeping tabs on your customers says a lot about how you value them, and they’ll always find reasons to come back for more. This will earn you more profits in the long run and ensure you stay in business.

4. Online business loans

Finances are essential in sustaining your business. One way to get money in times of deficiency is through loans. Over many years, mainstream lenders, such as banks, have been the go-to option. However, the approval process is usually snail-paced, owing to the numerous trips to the bank premises to submit the required documents and the thorough background checks the officials must carry out.  

But with technology, you now have a faster means of borrowing. Online loans are now commonplace in the business sphere. Their main edge is the quick approval process, usually within a few hours after application. This is perfect for financial emergencies, wherein you need money as quickly as possible to sort out urgent needs in your small business. (3)

5. Mobile apps

A mobile app is an all-in-one solution for your small business that enables you to run your business from anywhere, communicate quickly and easily with your customers, monitor your staff’s progress, track the movement of goods, monitor stock levels, and get instant feedback from your customers, among other critical business aspects. It also creates a platform for your customers to make orders and shop. Moreover, creating brand awareness is essential and ensuring you keep up with online marketing strategies. You can get one by contacting reliable software developers. (4)


Incorporating tech trends into your business will keep you relevant and ahead of your competitors. You’ll also save more time and be able to concentrate on improving your services and products instead of taking longer than is necessary on repetitive business operational tasks. Therefore, consider adopting the five tech trends above and more to realize the long-term growth of your small business.


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