McDonald’s Net Worth | 2012-2021


McDonald’s is an American fast-food company and is the world’s leading global foodservice retailer. It is the largest franchise in the United States as well as abroad. The top menu of McDonald’s include cheeseburgers, McNuggets, hamburgers, and French fries, while apple pie, breakfast sandwich: the egg McMuffin is the most popular dessert. McDonald’s has more than 32,000 restaurants in 117 countries and is considered to be the second-largest company in the world with 1.9 million workers when it comes to private employment. One can assume McDonald’s net worth by knowing that it is one of the largest American food chains in the world largely known for its hamburgers, and its headquarters are based in Chicago. 

McDonald’s corporation net worth keeps increasing as the company solely places customer experience at the core, and commits their employees by rewarding their achievements and nurturing their talents. McDonald’s restaurants based worldwide are operated and owned by independent owners. 

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Brothers Maurice (“Mac”) and Richard McDonald opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in 1940 in San Bernardino, California. they opened a small restaurant to produce large quantities of food at low prices, designed their menu which featured hamburgers, potato chips, drinks, and pie. They introduced Speed Service System having a self-service counter to eliminate the need for waiters and waitresses. These small innovations and the starting of the franchise program made McDonald’s a huge success. But in the year 1954, Ray Kroc purchased McDonald’s and became the first franchisee appointed by Mac and Dick McDonald in San Bernardino, California.

Later in 1955, Ray Kroc opened the first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, and the McDonald’s corporation was created. The 100th McDonald’s opened in Chicago in 1959, and later in 1961, all rights to McDonald’s concept were brought for $2.7 million by Ray Kroc.

One can assume what is McDonald’s net worth by knowing how the brand was developed by Kroc in the coming years. He focused on making small innovations like how McDonald’s should be run, from cleaning to the preparation of food. A program known as Hamburger University was created in 1961 to train franchises. Later counter staff was introduced to take orders changing the format entirely which started increasing the net worth of McDonald’s in the coming years.

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Net Worth

how much is mcdonald's net worth

McDonald’s has an estimated net worth of 178.55B dollars as of August 2021. McDonald’s corporation net worth has seen a rise by offering quick food and satisfactory services to its customers. McDonald’s established its headquarters in the United States and began its tour in 1940. You can know how much is McDonald’s net worth and why it has risen by knowing how it started providing exceptional services for decades and expanded its menu by incorporating fish, salads, smoothies, and fruit.

Now, McDonald’s has 37,885 restaurants in 120 countries serving 68 million customers every day. The value of the land on which the restaurants are suited is estimated to be $16 to $18 billion. If you are wondering what is McDonald’s net worth in 2019, the company had an annual net income of $6.025B with a 1.71% increase from 2018 as its income for 2018 was $5.924B, but its income rose to $170 billion in 2020. 

YearMcDonald’s Net Worth
2021184.01 Billion USD
2020159.78 Billion USD
2019136.37 Billion USD
2018138.97 Billion USD
2017104.00 Billion USD
2016110.98 Billion USD
201592.93 Billion USD
201495.54 Billion USD
201390.09 Billion USD
2012103.55 Billion USD


Forbes named McDonald’s as the top 2000 companies in 2017, and if you are wondering how much is McDonald’s net worth, then it was around $106.4 billion US dollars according to 2017 with the sales worth of $24.62 billion. The net worth of McDonald’s is as high as it is one of the biggest fast chain restaurants on the earth as it was successful in beating its competitors like Burger King, KFC, Starbucks, which made it win the hearts of its loyal customers. Now you can guess what is McDonald’s net worth as the brand became an inspiration to numerous entrepreneurs across the globe.

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Being the largest fast-food chain, McDonald’s became a household name in America as it is known for selling a variety of food items worldwide. You can know how much is McDonald’s net worth and why it has increased by knowing how they experimented with numerous different offerings on the menu. McDonald’s had 85 items on its menu in 2007, but the number in the menu increased to 145 items by 2013. 

Initially, McDonald’s in Monrovia, California served hot dogs, cheeseburgers, hamburgers, french fries, and milkshakes. But over years, they incorporated numerous items in the menu featuring double cheeseburger, Big Mac, Triple cheeseburger, Quarter Pounder, Big N’ Tasty, McDouble, Bacon McDouble, Daily Double, McFeast, McChicken, McNuggets, Premium Chicken Sandwiches, Grilled Chicken Deluxe, Premium Chicken Deluxe, Snack Wrap, McMuffins, Loaded Fries, and numerous beverages. Incorporating new food items after experimenting with the menu for years led make people wonder how much is McDonald’s worth today. 

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Fall And Rise 

mcdonald's fall and rise

McDonald’s entered a foreign market all over the world serving 68 million people per day, and it had a huge impact on how and what the world eats. It has seen humble beginnings and is one of the very few companies that claim to have had a huge impact on the world, and allowed them to increase the net worth and make people wonder today how much is Mcdonald’s worth. 

McDonald’s net worth has kept on increasing as it started with just one burger stall in 1948, and grew to more than 35,000 outlets across the world by emphasizing its food chain on quick service and standardized menu. There was a sudden rise in the firm’s share price which went from $12 in 2003 to $100 at the end of 2011. But, the net worth of McDonald’s saw a fall when it lost its sizzle, and global sales started declining. Its sales in China fell drastically when one of the suppliers was found using expired and contaminated chicken and beef, and several Japanese customers reported finding a tooth and bits of plastic in their food, which made a few Russian politicians call for the chain to be thrown out of the country. 

Yet, the company could make a huge profit and see a rise in McDonald’s corporation net worth as it used powerful ads to attract customers. They try to maintain quality and cleanliness which corresponds to the passion for making the food edible and enjoyable for customers, and their business model helped them wield global influence and expand. The rise and fall of McDonald’s can help an individual know how much is McDonald’s net worth. 


McDonald’s is the global fast-food chain serving around 68 million customers daily in 119 countries, and it is largely known for its hamburgers, especially its Big Macs. The company aims to create a future of quality, secure and sustainable food. The customers can know what is McDonald’s net worth and why it rises as the brand focuses on including quality ingredients when it comes to nutrition, and it wants its loyal customers to feel good about eating their food. 

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