Learn How to Make Money at 18 | 23 Methods

Our parents have always told us that money is important but will never seem more important than at the age of 18 years. As this is the time when you would like to shift from your parents’ house, get a job or study at great yet expensive colleges. Thus, earning at the age of 18 is a bonus for all of you soon rolling over to this side of adulthood.

To finally get that cash-o-meter working, it is important to learn the ways to make money as a18 year old. Thus, we have created a list of ideas on how to make money as a 18 year old. 

23 Ways for a 18 Year Old to Make Money

1. Become a Personal Assistant

An easy way to make money for a 18 year old is to prepare for your future office life and start working as a personal assistant.

2. Work at a Restaurant

How to make money as a 18 year old can seem challenging if you think you do not have any skills or talent. Don’t worry there are jobs for you as well. Start working in a restaurant. You don’t necessarily have to become a chef if you can’t cook. You can perform other chores like serving, cleaning and more.

3. Sell Old Clothes at Poshmark

Poshmark has received a lot of fame in recent times where millions of people buy clothes. You can sell on Poshmark and earn some extra bucks for absolutely no investment.

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4. Food Delivery

Another one of the popular ways to make money as a 18 year old is to work as a food delivery boy or girl. You can deliver pizzas or Chinese take away as a part time job, while you study.

5. Start Your own Lawn Care Business

Lawn care has been a menace for centuries and providing this solution to your neighbours can actually result in an increased income in no time.

6. Tutor

Tutoring is an easy way to make money for a 18 year old. You can teach whatever subject like. It doesn’t matter, whether you teach one subject or multiple. Just corelate your fee with the market rate to get a better quote and more clients.

7. Work at the Local Cinema

One of the cool ways for a 18 year old to make money is by working at the local movie theatre. Here you will not only get paid but also get popcorn or movie coupons from time to time.

8. Sell things on Facebook Marketplace

Do you fail to create time to work due to your studies and still want to know how to make money as a 18 year old? Well, this could be your answer. Sell your things or friend’s whatever it is you don’t need on Facebook marketplace.

9. Start your own Cleaning Business

Cleaning your house is one thing and making it a business is a whole new level. This is by far one of the simplest ways to make money as a 18 year old.

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10. Start your Car Washing Business

To find out how to make money at 18, you can try a few things and one of them is providing car washing services.

11. Teach a Foreign Language

If you know a foreign language it is an easy way to make money for a 18 year old. As you can teach it to someone else for a little fee.

12. Work at a Fast Food Joint

A super easy way to make money for a 18 year old could be to work at a fast food joint. You can work at the local KFC or McDonald’s for few hours as a part time job or complete the hours to get a full-time job experience.

13. Filling Work for an Office

Filling work for an office is one of the corporate ways for a 18 year old to make money. This can be an intelligent step in your professional career.

14. Help People Host Garage Sales

Some people have heaps of stuff that they want to get rid of but fail to start a garage simply because it is too much to do. You can help them organize the garage sale for a little commission.

15. Become a DJ

Love creating music? Become a professional DJ. Take the required training and start with your professional career in the field you love.

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16. Car Detailing and Modification

Modifying cars can be artistically challenging but if you have a knack of detailing cars, this could be a highly paying career option.

17. Become a Lifeguard

Do you know how to swim? Want to know how to make money as a 18 year old? Becoming a lifeguard could be a great answer to this question.

18. Work at a Gym

Working at a gym can be one of the most fitness-oriented ways to make money as a 18 year old. You can become a fitness trainer and as a bonus train there for free.

19. Work at a Pet Store

Your love for pets can help you answer the question of how to make money at 18. 

20. Become Receptionist

Becoming a receptionist can also be a fruitful way to gain some professional and financial experience. You can learn about various professions while working as one.

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21. Become a Barista

Working as a Barista is also one of the ways to make money as a 18 year old. You don’t need any prior knowledge before become one. As part of the job, you need to learn various coffee types and how one can make great coffee….a useful skill indeed.

22. Become a Photographer

Still looking for answer on how to make money at 18? 

You can become a freelance photographer and sell your greatest clicks for some cash.

23. Start Blogging or Vlogging

The trend of blogging or vlogging is becoming more and more remunerating and you can use this to your advantage. 


These were some of the best ideas to make money in your teens. They will also help you to learn how to manage your own money. You can also buy the things you want with the extra money you earn from these ideas. I hope you found this article helpful. Do you have any other idea to make money in mind? Mention it in the comments down below.

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