23 Smart Ways to Make Money as a 19 Year Old

It’s been a year since you entered the much awaited world of adulthood and to some it might not be so rosy, simply because they feel financially inadept. If this is you, this article is the right to place to be, as we unfold the mystery around how to make money as a 19 year old.

Take your notepads and sit tight as we discuss in the following points about how to make money at 19.

23 Smart Ways for a 19 Year Old to Make Money

How to make money as a 19 year old with Food Related Jobs

1. Work at a Restaurant

An easy way to make money for a 19 year old is to work at a restaurant. You can perform multiple tasks, if you are not good at one, there is always another. 

2. Food Delivery

You can start delivering food as one of the answers to how to make money at 19. As the job provides flexibility of timings with some companies, you can select your shift based on your convenience.

3. Work at a Fast Food Joint

Working at a Fast Food Joint is different from working at a restaurant. It is definitely one of the more paying ways to make money as a 19 year old.

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Business Related Ways for a 19 Year Old to Make Money

4. Start Your own Lawn Care Business

Lawn care has been a painful chore since ages but this could be your easy way to make money for a 19 year old. You can collaborate with some friends and provide lawn care services.

5. Start your own Cleaning Business

You can also provide cleaning services as one of the ways to make money as a 19 year old.

6. Start your Car Washing Business

Another easy way to make money for a 19 year old is to start your own car washing business. Considering the soaring costs in market with all the tools, you can do the job for a nominal price with some basic equipment.

7. Car Detailing and Modification Business

Car detailing and modification can also be a fruitful and prosperous answer to how to make money as a 19 year old.

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How to make money at 19 with a Job?

8. Work at the Local Cinema

Working at the local cinema or movie theatre can be one of the easiest ways for a 19 year old to make money. Bonus- you even get movie coupons.

9. Work at a Gym

If your objective is to make money and you are looking for ways to make money as a 19 year old. Working at a Gym could be something you can divert your attention to. You can even get deals on their memberships and get fit while you earn money.

10. Work at a Pet Store

If you love pets, this one is never going to seem like a job and you will be paid enough to get your bank account rolling.

11. Work as a Personal Assistant

You can enter the world of corporate office by becoming a personal assistant.

12. Filling Work for an Office

Another corporate life entry for you could be to start filling paper work for companies, it could be a part-time or full-time work.

13. Become Receptionist

If you can manage multiple tasks at once, becoming a receptionist could be your gateway to constant money.

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How to Make Money as a 19 Year Old by Selling Something

14. Sell Old Clothes at Poshmark

Poshmark is a place that let’s you sell your old clothes and helps you earn by helping someone get clothes for a cheaper price.

15. Sell things on Facebook Marketplace

You can alternatively also sell on Facebook marketplace. Here you can sell other things and not just clothes.

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16. Help People Host Garage Sales

Some people just can’t organise garage sales, even it helps them get great money for some of the products. Not because they don’t want to sell, but because they find the entire process extremely tiring. You can help them organise these sales by taking a nominal fee.

How to Make Money at 19 by Becoming Something You Love

17. Become a DJ

If you love creating music, take classes and start your DJ journey.

18. Become a Lifeguard

You can become a lifeguard by taking proper training and learning how to swim, if you already don’t know.

19. Become a Barista

If you feel talents are not your thing. You can become a Barista and learn about different types of coffees and their tastes or possible mixes on the job.

20. Become a Photographer

Becoming a professional photographer is also a great option to make money at this nascent stage of adulthood.

21. Become a Blogger or Vlogger

The internet frenzy world is slowly making us rethink about the way it functions. Blogging or vlogging has somehow become one of the main features of our world now. You can select this profession and watch yourself grow fast.

22. Become a Tutor

Tutoring is also something you can look at while selecting how to make money at this age of yours. You can teach any subject you like, even multiple subjects. The best part of this way of earning money is you can teach younger kids what you already know, so you don’t have to spend time to learn something before starting.

23. Become a Foreign Language Teacher

Another smart way to make money at 19 could be teaching a foreign language. If you don’t know one, don’t worry, you can always learn and teach. Languages like German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese and Korean are on the rise in the market. Practising your language skills can also help you prepare yourself for a language- centred career in the future. You can work with MNCs and government organisations such as embassies of various countries or work as a translator for diplomats and other government officials.


These were some of the best ideas to make money as a 19 year old. You can choose any one of these ideas in different categories according to your interest. I hope you found this article helpful. Do you have any other idea to make money as a 19 year old? Mention it in the comments down below.

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