Nanny Duties And Responsibilities Checklist

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics survey, there has been a rise in the daily demand for hiring Nannies. The demand for child care givers was in fact recorded to about 200,000 workers in 2020 in the United States alone.

A research analysis at Zippia confirms that there are over 217, 213 Nannies that currently work in the United States. Acquiring an average salary of $25, 552 annually.

This rising the demand for Nannies suggests a promising future in the field for many. Thus, many people are looking forward to opting for the Nanny career in the future.

But is becoming a Nanny so easy? Or are there any Nanny tasks or Nanny duties list that need to be ensured? 

Let’s find out what it means to be a great Nanny!

The Nanny duties and responsibilities checklist is more than providing genuine love and care to the children, it entails so much more. The great Nanny duties checklist starts with working long hours in private homes or institutions with either no supervision or daily oversight. Many parents are dependent on Nannies to ensure that their children are safe and taken care off with the best levels of childcare while they tend to their personal, professional and social obligations.

This is not a simple task and requires a Nanny responsibilities checklist that can be followed to the T.

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The Nanny Responsibilities Checklist

nanny duties checklist

1. Love for Children

To ensure you start the Nanny duties checklist on the right foot first, you need to love children. The best way to become great at your job is to love what you do. 

2. Must have a Basic Understanding of Child Development

Another important point in the Nanny duties list is to acquire basic understanding of child development. This helps will help the parents to develop faith in your ability to understand what a child might need at a particular age.

3. Must Understand the Basics of Child Psychology

Knowledge of child psychology makes the Nanny tasks a piece of cake. This is because each child is different and once you understand their psyche, you can take care of them accordingly.

4. Should Vow to Take Care of Children as His/ Her Own

The Nanny must ensure that she should consider the children she is taking care of as her own. This will elevate her ability to fulfill the Nanny duties checklist properly.

5. Must be Active and Energetic

To take care of children, it is quintessential to check this one out from the Nanny responsibilities checklist. A nanny cannot be lazy and inactive. Children are active and to ensure their safety and well-being a nanny must be active and energetic.

6. Must Practice Patience

Nanny duties and responsibilities checklist cannot be complete without including patience in it. Working with children can be tiring with repetitive questions and running around, thus it is important to inculcate the habit of being patient.

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7. Must Ensure the Safety of Children First

Any Nanny duties list, whether you work for a private home or an institution will always include the safety of children. As a Nanny, it is your foremost responsibility to ensure the safety of the children in your care.

8. Must have Great Communication Skills

To make the most of Nanny duties and responsibilities checklist, a Nanny must develop or have immaculate communication skills.

9. Should be Flexible in Her Approach

To deal with children, a Nanny must be flexible in the way she handles different children. This is an important point in the Nanny duties checklist to become a great Nanny.

10. Should Depict Compassion

A Nanny should be compassionate and affectionate towards the children and should treat them with love and care.

11. Must be Reliable

As the parents are leaving their children in a Nanny’s care, it is essential for him/ her to be reliable.

12. Should Focus on Nurturing the Children with Great Qualities

One of the most important Nanny tasks is to nurture children with positive qualities with high self- esteem.

13. Must be Responsible

A Nanny is always responsible and aware of what is going on around him/ her. She takes every action for a reason.

14. Should be Honest and Trustworthy

Nanny responsibilities checklist requires a Nanny to be honest and trustworthy, so that the parents are confident about leaving their children in the Nanny’s care.

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15. Is Respectful of the Children and their Parents

A Nanny must always show respect towards the children and their parents.

16. Should be Organized

A Nanny should be organized because his/ her actions can be modelled by the children.

17. Should Make Choices Based on Children’s Best Interest

The primary goal of a Nanny must be to take decisions based on the child’s best interest.

18. Self-motivated

A Nanny must be self-motivated to do his/her job, because this motivation will help you stride through the tough nature of the job.

19. Can Handle Emergencies

As children are agile, it is easy for them to get hurt every now and then. Thus, a Nanny must know how to handle emergency situations.

20. Should be Creative

To keep the interest of children towards him/her, she should be creative.

21. Should be Proactive and Diligent

A Nanny must perform her task with due diligence and passion.

22. Should not have a Criminal Background

This one is a given, no parent would leave their children with someone of a criminal mindset.

23. Must have Strong Morals

A Nanny must have strong morals, to inculcate the same in children.

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24. Must be Able to Develop Strong Bonds with Children

A Nanny should be able to develop a bond with the children so that they are comfortable in stay with him/ her.

25. A Great Nanny focuses on building a Positive Environment for the Children

Any great Nanny would understand the impact of a positive environment on children. Thus, s/ he should always strive to build one around the children in her care.

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