How To Delete Gcash Account? 3 Ways To Deactivate Gcash

During the lockdown trend of online payments increased sharply. Online payment methods are convenient. You can pay/receive money anytime. There are no boundations of time. You can use online payment apps 24*7. Gcash is a mobile wallet through which you can pay bills, send/receive money, shop, and can do many more things. For some reason people are wondering how to delete Gcash account.

Gcash is prominently used in the Philippines. It is safe and secure. It uses your mobile numbers as a key identity factor.

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Possible reasons why people want to delete their Gcash account: 

  • Receiving too many unwanted emails. 
  • They no longer need the app because this app is prominently used in the Philippines and they are not living there now. 
  • They got scammed through the app. 

Whatever the reason is, in this article, I will help you by telling you the step-by-step process of how to delete gcash account. 

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Three options which help you know “how to deactivate gcash account:” 

  • By dialing *143# 
  • Via submitting a support ticket. 
  • By sending an email to the company. 

Option 1: How to deactivate gcash account by dialing *143# ? 

Here are the steps that you should follow if you want to know how to deactivate gcash account by dialing *143#: 

  • Dial *143# 
  • Click gcash and then choose the account option provided there. 
  • Then click on “suspend” option appearing there to deactivate your account. 

Deleting your account by dialing *134# is a very simple process. If this is not working then don’t worry, you have two more options.

Option 2: How to delete gcash account by submitting a support ticket? 

It is comparatively slower than option 1. Follow the steps if you wanna delete your account by this method. 

  • Visit the Gcash “help center.” 
  • Click on “submit a ticket” and then give them the information that they have asked you. 
  • Submit it. 

Option 3: How to delete gcash account by email? 

If the above-mentioned options don’t work you can use this option. It will take time but it’s guaranteed that this option will work. The GCash support team will help you 

Below are the steps that you should follow if you want to delete your account by this method: 

  1. Send an email to 
  2. You can write the subject like requesting for deletion of my Gcash account. 3. Write the email about why you want to delete the account etc. 
  3. Send the email to the company. 

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The next question that comes to your mind is,” how to unregister my number in gcash?” 

If your gcash account will be deleted then your registered number will automatically be unregistered. 

So now you don’t have to worry about “how to unregister my number in gcash?” 

I tried to help you to get the answer of ” how to deactivate Gcash account?”. I hope this will help you to delete your account without any hassle.

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