Tools For Teaching Online

The online space in the current time is flooded with educational platforms. If we look at the online space for education, it has changed immensely in the last two years. Two years ago, there were neither platforms nor tools for alien learning or teaching, the only place for online tools in education was where a few students used online resources for researching about various topics to complete their assignments and projects. There was no concept of online education before the pandemic. The online system of education emerged during the pandemic and the lockdowns that were imposed due to the same. This system of education made use of technology and the internet to change the face of education. The online system of education brought every activity of the education system to the online space. This made the education system highly flexible and inclusive. 

Teaching is one of the major activities of the education system. Teaching is not an easy job. It takes years of training to be a teacher, manage a classroom, conduct classes, deliver lectures and teach multiple students. Switching to the online method for teaching online was a difficult task for the teachers. This was mainly because teachers had been familiar with the traditional system of education. For over centuries, this system of education has been in place and teachers and students both have very well known about the features and tools of this system. Other reasons why making the switch was difficult include the lack of online platforms and tools for education. Also, many teachers were not very familiar with technology, gadgets and using various tools that were required for teaching online. With time, things changed and teachers had a better experience teaching online. This was possible due to new platforms emerging to support teaching in the online mode and the tools that were developed to ensure that teaching online was more convenient. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the tools that can help you in course selling. Classes can be conducted and lectures can be delivered using some or all of these tools. Some tools will also help you create online content and digital lectures for your online classes. You can easily find online teaching tools in form of apps, websites and software that you can access using a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet or even a personal computer. 

There are two major ways in which online classes can be conducted. Every tool that you can find online for creating a course or teaching or delivering lectures can be used for live and online courses. There are different tools for both these methods of conducting classes in the online mode and virtual space. Let us take a look at the tools for the two types of online classes. 

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Live Classes

Live classes in the online mode are conducted in real-time. These classes require the teachers and the students to be present in the same virtual space at the same time. The best way of conducting a live class is by using a video meeting platform. This is how maximum online classes are conducted by schools and colleges. You do not need to create or pre-record any content for teaching in this mode. You can share content that is available on the internet or even content that you have saved using a share screen option. You can use streaming platforms as well for conducting a different type of live class. There is a variety of platforms for teaching in live mode. You just need to choose the best selling courses platform that suits your requirement. 

Online Courses

Online courses are based on pre-recorded videos and there is no need for the teacher or the learner to be present at the same time in the same virtual space. Online courses offer teaching and learning opportunities to anyone and everyone who is willing to do so. There are tools to help you create, edit and compile videos. There are online course builders that can help you create a course from scratch, you can use a variety of platforms for selling online courses to students of all age groups from around the world. 

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