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If you are looking to master the subject of math with the ease of sitting at your home, online math classes from Cuemath are the best platform that you can opt for. Cuemath has the best teachers who focus primarily on the conceptual clarity of students by providing them with real-life examples that are very relatable. There are numerous benefits of learning online math, math quizzes, doubt clearing sessions, math puzzles, etc are conducted on a periodical basis to keep students engaged in the subject.

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Five Benefits of Studying Math Online

The following points mentioned below analyze the five benefits of studying math online.

1. Learn at their Own Pace

While learning math in the classroom, a student cannot learn at their own pace, they have to follow their teachers. But, if you study math either with the help of any course or on YouTube, you can learn math at your own pace. This will help you to arrange your timetable enhancing their skills. Allowing the students to learn math online, provides the flexibility to skip the material that they already understood. This will save a lot of time giving students a chance to learn more.

2. Tutors can provide Specialized Instruction

As the above points explain, if a student learns math online, they may learn it at their own pace. Learning math at their own pace provides tutors to provide more specialized instruction to every individual. Those students who are struggling to learn math can be helped by the teachers as other students learn math at their own pace. Some famous websites that teach mathematics online are Cuemath, Cambly, Excedo, Preply, and so on.

3. More control over the Students in the Class

In classroom learning, the proportion of students ranges from 20-to 60. Along with this populated environment, they are handled by only one teacher. Hence, it becomes very difficult to have control over the students in the class. However, this problem doesn’t arise in online learning. In online teaching, a teacher can reduce the amount of variation. Thus, more control over the students in the class.

4. Location is no longer an Issue

Suppose, your school is far away from your home. This creates a problem for your parents. This will also increase the financial expenditure of your school as you may opt for bus services. But, in online learning, location is no longer an issue. Sitting at your home, you can lay out on any bed or sofa to study and learn mathematics. Hence, supporting your family financially as well.

5. Social Distraction is Reduced

As mentioned above in one of those points that the proportion of students ranges from 20-to 60. This will surely create a distraction for the students. Some students are not interested in learning and studying mathematics. They will make sure that other students are unable to study, creating a distraction. However, in online learning, this problem does not occur. Online learning provides a suitable environment with no distractions.

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What is the Compound Interest Formula?

An interest that is accumulated throughout time based on the interest and principal together. The interest that is accumulated on a principal for a while is also accounted for under the principal amount. It is one of the methods that is used by businessmen for their industries and businesses. The time is summarized as quarterly, semi-annually, monthly, and so on.
The mathematical formula to calculate the compound interest formula is interest on principal + compounded interest on regular intervals.

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