23 Ways to Make Money as a 35 Year Old

How to make money as a 35 year old?

Why does it seem so difficult to make money as you approach 35 years? Is it because your responsibilities have increased or you have become too complacent in your current job and lost the zeal to fight and find an easy way to make money for a 35 year old?

In this article we will decode the answers to the daunting question of how to make money at 35.

How to Make Money as a 35 Year Old? Simplified!

Fitness and Lifestyle

1. Fitness Instructor

There are plenty ways to make money as a 35 year old and one of the easy way to make money for a 35 year old is to become a fitness instructor. This is naturally not for everyone but it is definitely a joy ride for those of you who love everything about being fit.

2. Massage Therapist

As one of the answers to the question- ‘how to make money at 35?’, there are multiple ways for a 35 year old to make money. You can become a part-time massage therapist and work at a wellness salon on weekends or on off days.

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General Services

3. Gardner

One of the ways for a 35 year old to make money is to become a part-time gardener. You can mow lawns, sow seeds and water plants for other people.

4. Baby and Pet sitter

Another easy answer to the question of how to make money at 35 is to become a temporary baby or pet sitter for your neighbours.

5. Nanny

Becoming a Nanny can also be one of the basic ways to make money as a 35 year old. You can take professional certification during weekends and start working as a Nanny to get your side cash reserve started.

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Marketing and Customer Services

6. Telemarketer

An easy way to make money for a 35 year old is to become a part-time telemarketer. You can work on weekends or whenever you have a few hours available to you.

7. Salesperson

How to make money at 35?

It is simple if you have the people skills required to get people intrigued in you. You can sell products as a freelancer or on part-time basis.

8. Social Media Manager

Talking about ways for a 35 year old to make money in the marketing section and forgetting social media is highly unlikely. You can use this flexible profession to manage someone’s social media account as a side business.

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9. Accountant

Accounting is one of the intellectual set of ways to make money as a 35 year old. Although, this might be applicable to only those who love numbers and understand accounting.

10. Receptionist

By this age you would have become a master of managing things and thus taking up the job of a reception on a part-time basis can be super easy.

11. Data Entry Operator

How to make money as a 35 year old?

Start with the simplest and traditional way people made money. Become a part-time data entry operator.


12. Delivery Driver

With so many online ecommerce platforms opening up, delivery is an integral part of our lives. You can work as a part-time delivery driver and get a descent amount of extra income.

13. Newspaper Delivery

Another traditional source of extra income can come through newspaper deliveries. Since it is a wee hours job, you don’t need to compromise your entire weekends.

Restaurant and Food

14. Barista

The coffee lovers can find their solace and money in the aroma of rich freshly prepared coffee and work as a barista during free hours.

15. Bartender

In case coffee is not heart warming enough, try something cool by becoming a bartender.

16. Waiter

Alternatively, you can also work at any local restaurant as a part-time waiter or server. 

17. Kitchen Help

If you have the skill to cook but lack the necessary qualifications, you can apply for a job as a kitchen help and earn a side income.

Academics and Classes

18. Tutor

An age- old remedy for kids and adults alike. Becoming a tutor is easy as you only need to know a particular subject or more and provide classes for the same. You can teach kids of all age groups depending on your ability to teach. The best part about this job is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home and at your convenient time.

19. Library Assistant

Another part-time job that can benefit your financial situation is becoming a library assistant. You can work at a local library for a fixed number of hours every week.

20. Substitute Teacher

The ratio of kids versus teachers can be difficult to maintain for schools and getting a teacher when someone is on leave can be challenging. You can apply for the position of substitute teacher. 

21. Day care Teacher

An alternative to substitute teacher is a day care teacher and this can be especially easy for those who love children and have a natural flare with them.

22. Hobby Classes

How to make money as a 35 year old? 

It is not an easy feat as age catches up on you and you neither have the energy nor the time. However, there is one easy way and that is to take hobby classes during weekends or during Christmas holidays.

23. Skill Training

In case you have the skills that are beyond the limitations of hobbies and have a specialized training required to learn, you can take skill training classes. You can teach aspects like a language, a martial art and more.

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These were our 23 tips to earn more money as age catches up on you! You can also find more options and share with us if there is something that you would like to add to the list. We hope you liked some of them and will give them a try soon. 

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