23 Ways to Make Money as a 34 Year Old

The challenge of constantly growing competition is not even close to what happens when age catches up. As soon as you hit 30, you have to the pressure to be settled in a job earning enough to be able to start a family if you haven’t already and be prepared to take care of your parents as they age as well. What are you going to do? You need money for everything in today’s world! How will you get it after 30? When you are working so hard and still feel stuck in a hand to mouth situation? You need to learn how to make money as a 34 year old!

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How to Make Money at 34?

1. Dog Trainer

One of the smart ways for a 34 year old to make money is to become a dog trainer. By doing so, you can help numerous families and dogs to live a better life.

2. Pet Grooming Salon

Another smart choice for finding the answer to how to make money at 34 can be to start a pet grooming salon or work at one on a part-time basis.

3. Hair Salon

Working at a salon on a part-time basis can be one of the ingenious ways to make money as a 34 year old, because you can not only earn some money but also save some by getting discounts and practicing some of the skills at home for free.

4. Part-time Barber

This could be the answer to the question of how to make money as a 34 year old for the boys. You can get discounts and free haircuts and save money while you earn some.

5. Part-time Hair and Make Up Artist

If you don’t want to work in a specific salon, this could be an easy way to make money for a 34 year old. As you can work as a freelance hair and makeup artist and take clients based on your comfort.

6. Motivational Speaker

This is the answer for the question of how to make money as a 34 year old. Especially for those of you who have battled a serious struggle in your life and learnt something positive out of it.

7. Part-time Mechanic

Another exciting category of ways to make money as a 34 year old is to become a part-time mechanic. You can learn so many things about cars and even save dollars every year by fixing your car on your own.

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8. Massage Therapist

How to make money at 34?

Especially when you think that you lack talent. You can take the training for massage therapy or get a license while you assist someone and practice this art whenever you have free time.

9. Personal Driver

Most of us know how to drive and thus this is an easy way to make money for a 34 year old. You can work with someone over the weekends as their personal driver or during the evenings after work.

10. Tour Guide

One of the ways for a 34 year old to make money can also be to become a tour guide. You can learn everything about your local area and connect with a local travel agency to contact when a big delegation of tourists arrives.

11. Library Assistant

The book worms have an easy answer to the question- ‘how to make money as a 34 year old?’ As they can take the training for library assistants and become part-time library assistants for specific hours.

12. Substitute Teacher

If you are in the teaching profession, an easy way to make money for a 34 year old is to become a substitute teacher. You are already aware of everything a teacher must do, so it’s all about earning an extra pay cheque.

13. Tutor

A similar series of educational ways to make money as a 34 year old leads us to the tutor department. As we all know, you can take this profession up from the comfort of your home, visit the student or connect with an institution.

14. Barista

An interesting answer to how to make money at 34 is to become a barista. You can do this job for a specific number of hours that suits your current schedule and doesn’t hinder your current job.

15. Waiter

Becoming a waiter or waitress is another similar type of ways for a 34 year old to make money as becoming a barista.

16. Delivery Driver

With more and more online shopping from clothes to food, becoming a part-time delivery driver seems to be a highly lucrative job. Considering you can select the hours of work makes it even better.

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17. Accountant

If you are an accountant already working for a firm, there could be other off the books options for you too. You can start providing part-time accountancy services for nominal rates and increase the pay cheque you take home.

18. Receptionist

If interacting with people is your strong suit, you can apply for the position of a part-time receptionist where you will be called for specific number of hours.

19. Telemarketer

Even the marketing has taken a digital route but there are still multiple companies that prefer to interact with its customers to sell their products. You can become a telemarketer and work for specific shifts that do not interfere with your current job.

20. Social Media Manager

Another marketing job that takes us to the modern world is the job of a social media manager that you can practically do from anywhere.

21. Freelance Web Developer

If you know how to create websites and have some time off, you can provide freelance services to companies who don’t have the funds to pay a well-established agency.

22. Life Guard

Becoming a part-time lifeguard can be an opportune moment to earn extra money for people who know how to swim.

23. Fitness Instructor

If nothing suits you from the above-mentioned options, you can become a part-time fitness trainer.


These were some of the best ways to make money as a 34 year old. I hope you found these ideas helpful. If you have any other idea to make money in your 30’s then mention it in the comments down below.

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