23 Small Business Ideas In Idaho With Low Investment In 2023

Looking for small business ideas in Idaho? The state of Idaho has many surprises for people looking to make their name in the field of business. The state is especially famous for its breath-taking beauty and famous spuds, but it is also famous for its people. The people of Idaho are outdoor enthusiasts who love activities like hunting, camping, rafting, hiking and fishing. 

Did you also know this state famous for its potatoes also has tenacious hold over technology? Idaho, in fact, employs more people in the technology sector than agriculture and tourism? The Boise are of Idaho is home to some of the best computer component manufactures such as the world headquarters of micron Technology. HPE was also spotted to have significant presence in the state until it recently downsized its operations.

A state with so much potential for business has a compelling argument to entertain challenging and promising new business ideas in Idaho.

That is why, we have curated a lost of some of the best business ideas in Idaho for you!

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23 Most Profitable Business Ideas in Idaho

1. Potato Farming

The soil of Idaho and its climate are the most suitable to grow Potatoes and that is the reason this state’s potatoes are so famous. This can be one of the most promising business ideas in Idaho with low investment.

2. Chemical Production

Amongst the best business ideas in Idaho, Chemical production is one of the most famous. It requires a specific license but the effort is worth it as the chemicals produced in Idaho are famous in various US states.

3. Cloud Management Software

An upcoming stream of businesses revolves around technology and that is exactly what this one depicts. Cloud Management Services holds a special place in new business ideas in Idaho.

4. App Development Business

Some of the small business ideas in Idaho that one can venture into revolve around development. If app building is your forte, take a look at starting app development business for different companies.

5. Solar Energy Business

As water scarcity hits are planet and global warming is on the peak, solar energy is entering the field of new business ideas in Idaho. You can take leverage by starting early with a solar energy business.

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6. Software Integration Plugin

Most profitable business ideas in Idaho maybe software related. The reputation Idaho has about technology can help you succeed in your software integration business.

7. Online Courses Business

As the Covid pandemic has hit our world hard, visiting schools and universities for courses seems to have taken a toll. You can use this opportunity to pick one of the promising business ideas in Idaho with low investment, that is, online courses.

8. Paper Production Company

Idaho has abundant resources and thus gives room for selecting this one of the crafty small business ideas in Idaho- paper production company.

9. Food Processing Company

The agricultural sector of Idaho is nothing but famous. Thus, opening a food processing company can be one of the best business ideas in Idaho.

10. Wood Products Business

As some people might venture into opening a paper production company, you can aid them making this into an opportunity. Wood products business can, therefore, be considered one of the most profitable business ideas in Idaho.

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11. Cleaning Services

No questions asked, cleaning services is something everyone needs once in a while. Professional cleaning services is definitely a great selection from all available business ideas in Idaho with low investment.

12. E- Repair Services

As the world is slowly getting completely technologically driven, e-repair services can be one of the best business ideas in Idaho.

13. Plumbing Business

If you are able to provide services like plumbing and carpentering, you are in great luck, because professions like these never see recession.

14. Consignment Business

Such businesses are extremely famous in Idaho. You only need a little investment to select this one of the small business ideas in Idaho. The business works by giving commission to the consignor only when their product is sold.

15. Digital Marketing Agency

Another one of the new business ideas in Idaho is opening a digital marketing agency. You can do this from anywhere, even your home with very little investment.

16. Online Business Consultation

An excellent choice amongst small business ideas in Idaho is online business consultation. It is a business that helps small businesses understand how to grow their online business presence and succeed.

17. Day Care Services

The number of people working in Idaho has seen a steady rise in a few years, this also means that a lot of parents don’t have time to take care of their children. You can open a day- care and take care of the kids, while parents focus on their work.

18. Food Truck Business

If cooking is something you love and don’t have enough money to open a restaurant, opening a food truck business could be your golden ticket to success.

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19. Tutoring Business

Remember how we earned some extra cash as kids; you can use that idea to earn a lump sum amount by working full-time on this idea. I am sure you are pretty good at it by now!

20. Vending Machine Business

Apart from packaged foods and cold drinks, the concept of vending machines is expanding into other fields like recycling and grocery shopping. You can start this business before it becomes saturated.

21. Boutique Business

Opening one’s own boutique has been a dream for many people. If this feels like you, why stop?

22. Become an Author

Does writing gives pleasure, comfort and confidence, then you can use this hobby to earn cash. Start writing that novel, now!

23. Start a Mom Blog

It’s difficult for young mothers to create time for themselves, forget working. But there is one profession that can change this. Start your own mom blog. Share with the world how you manage everything from your kids, your home to your husband and earn money by monetizing it.


These were some of the best business ideas one can start in Idaho. You can choose any one of these ideas out of this list and start your own business today. Do you have any other business idea to start in Idaho? Mention it in the comments.

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